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General Program

Canadian students need to understand how to function and thrive within a global context. Participating in the Langara GSO experience will support students with personal interest and career exploration, build global competencies, their own global networks, experience new cultures and build self-confidence.
Finding a suitable international experience is challenging to set up logistically and financially. Many students, especially those from low-income, First Nations or the disability communities, would not consider a global internship for these reasons. This program will support students who might not have considered a global opportunity before and have this experience either online or in-person.
Student participants must be:
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents, registered at Langara College
  • In good standing as defined and determined by Langara College
  • 18 years of age or older
The Langara GSO Program is open to all regular studies Langara students but will prioritize underrepresented students (Indigenous students, low-income students, and those with disabilities).
Note: International students are ineligible for GSO Program funding.
There are three types of internships available through the GSO funding:
  • 100 online internships open to all domestic students
  • 16 in-person internships open to all domestic students from one of the three underrepresented groups (low-income, First Nations and students with a disability)
  • 40 COIL-EX internships are for students who have been in a COIL VE course that has been selected for the COIL in-person extension option. Likely this will be open to four COIL courses to support 10 students each. Students will know if they are in a COIL course intending to do the COIL EX (GSO Program extension,) through their COIL instructors. Participation in this type of internship is by instructor invitation only.
Certain in-person internships may be considered as a co-op, with conditions. Please connect with your co-op instructor.
Yes. All students participating in the GSO internships will be registered in one of the new work-integrated learning WILX courses launching in Spring 2023.
Except for the students doing a COIL EX (GSO extension) of their COIL VE course, you will be doing to the internship on your own. Likely there will be the opportunity to connect with other students using the same third-party internship company and / or via your WILX course taken during the internship.
The goal of this program is to have students gain experience in a new country/culture they have not visited before. Langara College has contracted with a third-party global internship company to interview and match you with an opportunity, based on your personal/career/academic interests. Please note due to changing international travel restrictions, some countries may not be available for in-person travel.
It is possible to set up an independent GSO Program experience without the use of our Intern Abroad HQ partner. The Langara GSO Program has identified Asia and Latin America as preferred country locations. If you have a specific country / opportunity in mind, please identify this in your application. Note, students will not be able to do an internship in countries the federal government deems too high a risk.
We will provide a checklist of items for you to complete before, during and after your internship experience. You will also enroll in the appropriate WILX course which will assist in preparation for the GSO experience.


No – there is no pre-requisite course for the GSO internship participation, unless you are a co-op student who want to use this internship as a co-op work term (see "Can internship be counted as a co-op?"). However, you are required to enroll in the appropriate work-integrated learning (WILX) course during your internship, to receive academic credits. The tuition fees for this course will be covered by the GSO funding.

Good academic standing is the status of a student who is not on Academic Probation, Academic Suspension, or other suspension. See Langara Policy: E2008.pdf (

Students who are either:
  • Recipients of Canada Student Grants, or similar non-repayable student financial assistance offered by provinces and territories, or
  • Able to provide information to demonstrate their need for financial support to study or work abroad (information will be reviewed and verified by Financial Aid).


These internships are typically unpaid. However, depending on the generous funding through GSO and other supporting programs, students may have excess funds which can be considered an honorarium.  

For in-person internships, trip costs vary according to the location of the host organization. This program is designed to anticipate most costs involved with student participation. However, there are exceptions to this rule and this funding will not cover personal spending (extra side trips, souvenirs, etc.)

The GSO funding and related financial awards may cover expenses related to supporting of students’ participation in global internship, such as internship program fees, airfare1, accommodation, meals2, and transportation to and from work.
Costs that are not covered:
  • Souvenirs and leisure activities during your free time
  • Personal spending money to cover basic expenses such as drinks, snacks, laundry, public transportation, and any meals not included in your program fee
1. Economy class
2. For most destinations, the meals (3 per day) are included in the program fees. However, for destinations in which the meals are not included in the program fee, students may be responsible for their meals. The GSO funding and related financial supports can be used to cover the meal expenses in these cases. Please note that any extra meals or food expenses will be the responsibility of students.

Working part-time in the host country is likely not possible since the intent of the program is for students to fully experience the in-country experience. If students are doing virtual internships and the work expectations for the internship are being met, part-time work is a possibility.

The federal government has stipulated that receiving a GSO internship will not impact student loan applications.


Attend one of the GSO Program information sessions held in the first month of every semester. Applications and processing time vary according to the type of internship with most applications needing to be submitted 3-4 months prior to the start of the internship.
The Langara GSO Program runs from Fall 2022–Spring 2025 and will review applications each semester. Deadline to apply for Spring 2023 is September 30th, 2022.
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