New global skills and experiences are ready for you and offer a wealth of benefits when you participate–expand horizons, make invaluable connections, experience new cultures, work in the field, and bolster your resume.



There's opportunity for you to develop intercultural competencies and skills essential for the future of work in a rapidly changing and increasingly international labour market. Total number of opportunities available are based on the duration of the GSO program (Spring 2024-Summer 2025).

Online internships 100 internship opportunities over 4 years

Online internship with a global organization without travel worries. 

  • Internship based on student’s academic, career, or personal interests. Work experience not required. 

  • Flexible schedule: 10-30 hours per week, depending on the student’s schedule and availability. 

  • Duration: 8-12 weeks (can be adjusted to fit the student’s preference). 

  • Tons of unique and exciting opportunities – over 24 career fields in 14 different countries! 

"I feel far more empowered having now completed my internship. I have always doubted my abilities to adjust and adapt to the circumstances in front of me, which is something I have needed to do daily while interning. I have left Tanzania far more confident in my abilities than when I arrived." 

– Holly, Nutrition in-person internship in Tanzania, Intern Abroad HQ

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Note: The GSO program is a federally funded project and all participating students will need to create an online account on the GSO platform to complete a pre- and post-internship survey.

About Global Skills Opportunity

Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) is an integral component of the Government of Canada’s International Education Strategy. The program aims to empower post-secondary institutions to increase the participation of young Canadians—especially underrepresented students—in international learning opportunities both at home and abroad.