EXPE 2300: Employment Strategies for Current Labour Markets

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Course Format Lecture 3.0 h + Seminar 2.0 h + Lab. 0.0 h
Credits 3.0

Course Description

Formerly COOP 2300

EXPE 2300 is a combined lecture/seminar course that will provide students with knowledge of what it takes to get a job in today's constantly changing workplace. This course will give students a chance to learn as well as practice each of the steps towards attaining a job, including self-assessment; resume and cover letter writing; networking and interviewing skills; as well as job search tactics. By completing this course, each student will have the resources to make a positive, lasting impression on prospective employers. This course complements other curriculum already offered in career programs with the co-operative education option and is designed to further develop specific competencies related to employment in the student's field of study. The final project is to produce a professional career portfolio.

This course a prerequiste for participation in co-operative education.

Students will receive credit for only one of BUSM 2300, COOP 2300, and EXPE 2300.

Prerequisite(s): One of the following: a minimum 67% in English First Peoples 12, English Studies 12, Literary Studies 12, or equivalent; a minimum "C-" grade in a university-level English or communications course for which Langara awards transfer credit; a minimum "C" grade in ENGL 1120; a minimum "C-" grade in ENGL 1121; an "S" grade in ENGL 1107, 1108, or 1110; a minimum Level 3 on the LET; LEAP 8; or LPI with a minimum 26 on the essay and one of 5 in English usage, 5 in sentence structure, or 10 in reading comprehension.

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