See Secondary School Prerequisite Equivalency Table

A prerequisite is a requirement that must be on your student file before you can register into some courses. A prerequisite may be a secondary or post-secondary course, a test, or departmental permission. For a complete listing of course prerequisites, please visit the course index and select the desired course.

Unless otherwise noted, a minimum "C-" or "S" grade in the prerequisite course is required. For Langara School of Management courses including, BCAP, BUSM, FMGT, INTB, and MARK courses, a minimum "C" grade is required when the prerequisite is university-level English or Communications course for which Langara awards transfer credit.

When you register, the system will search your file for required prerequisites. If it does not find the required prerequisite, you will not be able to register for the course. If you are currently registered into a Langara course that is the prerequisite for the course you want to register into, the system will use that course as the prerequisite. You will need to check your registrations after final grades are run for the current semester. If you have not met the minimum grade requirement, you will be dropped from your requested course on the date indicated on the Important Dates page.

If you have questions regarding prerequisites or would like to discuss what options are available to you, you may contact the following:

Types of Prerequisites

IMPORTANT: The College reserves the right to cancel the registration in a course for a student who does not have the required prerequisite.

COURSES, both secondary and post-secondary

Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, and Computer Science courses are valid for only three years.

Transfer credit from other post-secondary institutions must be requested at least 10 weeks before registration starts. You must apply for transfer credit; it is not automatically entered on your file. Download Transfer Credit Request Form.

BC Secondary school courses are entered into your file upon receipt of your official transcript.

Current BC high school students who intend to enter Langara in Fall Semester 2020 will be graduating under the new BC high school Graduation Program requirements. Applicants should take note of the following changes:

Previous Course Name Updated Course Name
Biology 11 Life Sciences 11
Biology 12 Anatomy and Physiology 12
BC English 12 English Studies 12
BC English Literature 12 Literary Studies 12
BC English First Peoples 12 English First Peoples 12

Langara College will continue to recognize courses completed under the old curriculum for admission and prerequisite purposes. Some high school courses may only be accepted for admission or prerequisite purposes for a period of either three or five years from the date of completion. Please check individual program admission requirements and course descriptions for more detailed information.

Secondary school courses from outside of BC:

  • Graduates of Canadian institutions: You must provide Registrar and Enrolment Services with an official secondary school transcript if you want to use secondary school courses as prerequisites. Please see the Secondary School Prerequisite Equivalency Table for more information about prerequisites taken at VCC or in secondary schools outside of BC.
  • Graduates from outside Canada: You will need to consult with the relevant department regarding your secondary school courses. See the Departmental Contacts page.


If you believe you have the prerequisite for a course but do not have the prerequisite on your file, you may contact the department to request departmental permission to register.

In some instances, departments need to speak with the student regarding their educational background to determine eligibility for registration into the course.


To meet prerequisite requirements for some courses, you may be required to write a placement or diagnostic test. Placement/Diagnostic Tests must be taken at least 7 days in advance of registration. See Diagnostic Tests for more information.


The Langara English Test (LET) is an alternative to the Language Proficiency Index (LPI).

Please see the LET Registration page for information on how to register for the Langara English Test.

  • You must write the test at least seven days in advance of your registration time if you need the results to meet prerequisite requirements.
  • You can register for the LET in person at the Continuing Studies Office, by phoning 604.323.5322, or by using the online registration system. You must already have a Langara ID number to register online. Instructions for registering online can be found here. You must register at least 48 hours before the exam date.
  • You must provide your Langara ID when you register if you wish to have your results posted automatically to your student file.
  • At the exam, you must present your registration receipt and photo ID.
  • You may check the results on your file by logging into the Student Information System. Detailed instructions are available here.

Please consult the test schedule on this page.

The LPI and LET are treated as equivalents for prerequisite purposes. Whether you write the LPI or the LET or both placement tests, the most recent placement test score will be used for prerequisite purposes. See the LET/LPI equivalency table.


Test date and registration information can be obtained from the Counselling Department or at

  1. You must write the test at least 30 days in advance of your registration time if you need the results to meet prerequisite requirements.
  2. You must write your Langara Identification Number on the test form and must indicate that you want your test results sent to Langara.
  3. If you have not included your Langara Identification Number on the test form, you must provide Registrar & Enrolment Services with a copy of your results well in advance of your registration time. You must visit Langara's login page to confirm that your results have been received and your file updated.
  4. If you write the examination more than once, the most recent score counts, not the highest score.


If your marks on the LET or LPI do not meet the prerequisite requirements for a first-semester English course or other course that requires the LET or LPI, you may upgrade your skills through one of the following courses:

  • ENGL 1107 and 1108: Upgrading courses in grammar and composition for students of English as a Second Language. If you wish to take these courses, you must score a level 2 on the LET or LPI minimum 24 on essay.
  • ENGL 1110: Upgrading course in grammar and essay writing for native speakers of English who have an LETN 02 or by permission of the department. If you have an LPI score of 22 (essay), please contact the English department chair at 604.323.5391 for appropriate placement.
  • English Upgrading and Composition Writing through Continuing Studies at Langara (for both native and non-native speakers of English).


Please consult here for the test schedule.

Students who do not have recent appropriate prerequisites for Mathematics and Statistics courses, including students from out-of-province and those who have been away from mathematics for three or more years, must write the Math-Stats Diagnostic Test (MDT) and meet with an advisor from the Math/Stats Department to assess their level of preparedness.

The Diagnostic Process will consider your mathematical background as well as your most recent relevant transcripts, your overall academic background and goals, and your results from a diagnostic test (MDT).

  • You must register for the MDT at the Continuing Studies Office (Building A). The non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee is $45.00.
  • You must bring your most recent relevant transcript(s) with you to the testing and advising session.
  • Results of the MDT will be automatically transferred to your file if you have provided your Langara Identification Number on the MDT application form.
  • Langara students may access results by logging into the Student Information System using their Langara ID Number and PIN, usually within two days after the test date.

For more information, please visit the Math & Statistics (MDT) page, call the Mathematics/Statistics Information Line at 604.323.5583, or visit the department's website.

To learn more about registering for the MDT, please visit the Langara Counselling Department, Registrar & Enrolment Services, the Information Kiosk, or the Continuing Studies Office.


Please consult here for the test schedule.

There is no fee or pre-registration for the Physics Diagnostic Test. For further information, visit Physics Diagnostic Test.


Prerequisite VCC-King Edward BC/Yukon Alberta/ NWT/ Nunavut Saskatchewan Manitoba
Accounting 11 Accounting 062 & 072 Accounting 11 Accounting 20 or 21 Accounting 20 or 20A Accounting 200
Biology 11 Biology 061 & 071 Biology 11 or Life Sciences 11 Biology 20 Biology 20 Biology 200 or 30S or 30G
Biology 12 Biology 083 & 093 Biology 12 or Anatomy and Physiology 12 Biology 30 Biology 30 Biology 300 or 40S or 40G
Calculus 12          
Chemistry 11 Chemistry 061/071 Chemistry 11      
Chemistry 12 Chemistry 0983 & 0993 Chemistry 12      
Computer Science 12 Computer Science 083 & 093 Computer Science 12 Computer Science 30 or 31 Computer Science 30 or 30A Computer Science 300
English 12 See VCC-King Edward note below English 12 or English Studies 12 English Language Arts 30-1
or English 30
English 30A & 30B
English Language Arts 30A & 30B
English 300 or 301
English 40S + 40G
English 40S + 40S
English First Peoples 12   English First Peoples 12      
English Literature 12 Literature 083 & 093 English Literature 12 or Literary Studies 12      
French 11 French 061 & 071 French 11 French 20 or 21 French 20 or 20A French 200
French 12   French 12 French 30 or 31 French 30 or 30A French 300
Pre-Calculus 11 Mathematics 0861 & 0871 Pre-Calculus 11      
Pre-Calculus 12 Mathematics 0983 & 0993 Pre-Calculus 12      
Physics 11 Physics 061 & 071 Physics 11 Physics 20 & 30 Physics 20 & 30 Physics 30S
Physics 200
Physics 12 Physics 083 & 093 Physics 12     Physics 40 S
Physics 300
Spanish 11   Spanish 11 Spanish 20 or 21 Spanish 20 or 20A Spanish 200
Spanish 12   Spanish 12 Spanish 30 or 31 Spanish 30 or 30A Spanish 300


English 081 & 091; Canadian Viewpoints 081 & 091; English 083 & 093, English 099 & 098; English 096; WRIT 085 & READ 086 & ORSK 087 & WRIT 095 & READ 096 & CNST 097; ORSK 082 & WRIT 085 & READ 086 & ORSK 092 & WRIT 095 & READ 096; ORSK 090 & WRIT 095 & READ 096


Official International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Transcripts must be submitted to the Registrar & Enrolment Services office for equivalency evaluation. Please visit the Transfer Credit page for more information.

Prerequisite Ontario Quebec New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland
Accounting 11            
Biology 11 Biology 11 (General or Advanced) or SBI3U or SBI3C 35 - 314 Biology 111 or 112 or 113 Biology 11 (ACAD)
Biology 11 (ADV)
Biology 521A Biology 2201
Biology 12 OAC Biology
Biology 12 or 13 or SBI4U
General Biology 535 - 534 Biology 120 Biology 12 (ACAD)
Biology 12 (ADV)
Biology 621A or 631A Biology 3201 or 4221
Chemistry 11            
Chemistry 12            
Computer Science 12 OAC Computer Science
or ICS4M
English 12 English 13
OAC English
English 12 ADV. Level
ENG3U or ENG3C or ENG4U or ETC3M or ETS4U or EWC4U or ETS4C or EWC4C
Two English Courses Numbered 603-XXX (CEGEP) English 121 or 122
Canadian Literature 122
English 441 or 541
Canadian Literature 441
English 12 (ACAD)
English 611 or 621 English 3101 & 3201
English 3101 & 3202
French 11 FSF3U or FEF3U or FIF2D   French 111, 112 or 113 French 431 French 521 French 2100
French 12 FSF4U or FEF4U or FIF3U   French 121, 122 or 123 French 441 French 621 French 3200
Pre-Calculus 11            
Pre-Calculus 12            
Physics 11 Physics 11 Advanced Level   Physics 111 Physics 11 (ADV)
Physics 12 (ACAD)
Physics 431 & 531
Physics 521 Physics 2204 & 3204
Physics 12 Physics 12 Advanced Level
Physics 13
OAC Physics
Physics 554-534
Physics 554-554
Physics 553-534
Physics 112 & 121
Physics 112 & 122
Physics 441 & 541
Physics 12 (ADV)
Physics 621  
Spanish 11 LWSCU or LWECU          
Spanish 12 LWSDU or LWEDU