The Physics Diagnostic Test (PDT) is designed for students who have completed physics prerequisites outside of the British Columbia Secondary School System. The test assesses knowledge of physics principles and applications. Appropriate test results will enable you to register in PHYS 1118, PHYS 1101, or PHYS 1125. To register in PHYS 1114 the PDT is not required (though you may need to take the MDT).

There is no fee to write the PDT. The PDT cannot be used in place of the usual prerequisites. The Diagnostic test is intended to help students choose and register in the physics course most appropriate to the student's needs and abilities.

Who Needs to Take it?

The test is designed for students wanting to enrol in PHYS 1118, PHYS 1101, or PHYS 1125 who do not have physics prerequisites from British Columbia.

Students with a BC high school or college physics grade are not permitted to write the PDT in hopes of improving their placement.