Academic Probation

The status assigned to a student who has failed to achieve the Minimum Academic Standard in a semester. To return to Good Standing, students on Academic Probation must achieve the Minimum Academic standard in the subsequent semester. Students who do not attend Langara College immediately following the semester in which they are placed on Academic Probation will remain on Academic Probation in the next semester in which they register. See Policy No. E2008.

For more information, visit the Academic Standing page.

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Academic Suspension

The status assigned to students who have failed to achieve the Minimum Academic Standard in two consecutive semesters. See Policy No. E2008.

For more information, visit the Academic Standing page.

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Capital Building Legacy Fund

The Capital Building Legacy Fund was created to address Langara College's ongoing requirement for facilities that support and enhance the provision of educational services for learners. This Fund supports capital projects designed to directly enhance the quality of the learning experience for Langara College students, and all monies are held in a separate fund with College Board approval required for expenditure.

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Career Student

A student who has been admitted to one of Langara's career programs.

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Course Drop

The student transaction that officially cancels their registration in a course and results in a defined amount of fee refund. There is no notation of this transaction on the student's academic transcript.

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Course Exemption

Recognition of a completed course that is not exactly equivalent to a course required in a program, but can substitute for the required course to meet the learning outcomes of the program.

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Course Load, Maximum

The usual maximum course load for most programs in the Faculties of Arts and Social Science and Business is 16 credit hours per semester. In the Faculty of Science the usual maximum course load for most programs is 18 credit hours per semester.

Course load maximums that differ from the above are listed with the program or faculty information. Students who have maintained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher in a full course load (i.e. 15 credits or more in one semester) may register for additional credits (overload) with the approval of Registrar & Enrolment Services.

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Course Withdrawal

The student transaction that officially cancels their registration in a course after the refund period. A "W" notation will represent this transaction on the student's academic transcript.

See Important Registration Dates & Registration Access Schedule.

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International Students Deposit

A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit which provides access to the Registration System and will be applied towards tuition and any other registration fees.

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Limited Enrolment

Limited enrolment programs have a limited number of seats and/or additional admission requirements. Admission to these programs can be competitive.

Students admitted to a limited enrolment program register for courses based on the assigned registration priority for that program.

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LSU Health & Dental Plan

All Regular Studies full-time and part-time students (those enrolled in one or more credits) beginning their studies in the fall or spring semesters, who are members of the LSU are automatically covered by the LSU Health & Dental Plan and charged for the coverage.

If you opt out, you will be reimbursed the full Plan fee by cheque. Be sure to opt out early.


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Major Restriction

At Langara, major restrictions are applied to courses that are being held during registration for certain career and arts and science limited enrolment programs. These restrictions are removed on the open career registration day; at this time, the courses become available to anyone who has the required prerequisites.

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Open Enrolment

Open enrolment programs do not have a limited number of seats and are available to both domestic and international students who meet the general College admission requirements.

  • Domestic students must graduate from BC Grade 12 or the equivalent or be at least 19 years of age.
  • International students must graduate from BC Grade 12 or the equivalent, as well as meet the English proficiency requirement.

Admission does not guarantee registration into courses and registration priority is determined by either the date of application or registration points (based on cumulative grade point average).

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Open Registration

The time period when registration is open to all eligible students. Registration is not restricted only to those who are scheduled to register.

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Personal Identification Number (PIN)

PINs and Langara Registration Numbers are required to access student information on the Web.

If you were still using your default password (Format: YYMMDD) for your Banner ID or Student ID, your password was changed to the following new format:



  • 'F' is the first letter of your first name in UPPERCASE
  • 'L' is the first letter of your last name in UPPERCASE
  • YYYY is your Year of Birth
  • MM is your Month of Birth
  • DD is your Date of Birth

Please note that the dash '-' is mandatory. Please change your PIN to a number that only you will know after your first visit Langara's login page.

If you have already changed your default password to one of your own, your password will not be affected by this change.


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Reactivation of Application for Admission

When students apply for a specific semester, but do not register into any courses (or drop all courses in which they have registered), they must reactivate their application for the next semester for which they want to register.
To reactivate, you must send a completed Reactivation form to (domestic students) or (international students).


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Registration Override

In exceptional circumstances, the instructor of a course may authorize a registration override for a student to register in a course in which the student would not ordinarily be able to register due to a variety of possible circumstances.


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An efficient and fair way for students to access seats in full course sections as they become available during the registration period. When a seat becomes available, the first student on the waitlist is given an offer of the seat.

See Waitlist for Courses.


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