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Payment of Fees

All fees are due in full by 2100 hours on April 19, 2024. You must have sufficient funds in your student account to pay for all your courses and all other applicable fees. If you paid $6,000 CAD and your tuition and other applicable fees are greater than this amount, you must pay the additional fees before April 19, 2024. If there is an outstanding balance on your student account of $295 or more, you will be dropped from all of your registered courses on April 24, 2024. Please refer to Deadlines for registration fee payment deadlines, International Student Fees for payment information, and Fee Refunds for refund policy and procedures.

If you are refused a study permit by a Canadian Embassy/Consulate Office, you must drop all registered courses prior to the first day of classes to prevent tuition fee charges. To request a refund of the $6,000 CAD International Student Deposit, you must submit a copy of the letter of refusal for a study permit issued by a Canadian Embassy or Consulate Office.


Be sure to check your tuition balance before April 19, 2024 to ensure that your first semester International Student Deposit has covered all fees. If you have money owing, you will be dropped from all of your registered courses.

For tuition and fee details and payment options, please visit International Student Fees.