Jul 6, 2020

You’re looking to upgrade your skills to make your current work life easier. If you’re looking for your next career move, and require some skill upgrading before making the jump, we have programs and courses to help you level up.

2D Animation & Digital Art - Complete these 25 courses in 16 months full-time. Fast-track into a career with a professional portfolio and demo reel.

3D Animation for Game, Film & Visual Effects - Complete these 43 courses in 24 months full-time. Students receive professional mentorship, portfolio development, and technical training.

Accounting - All courses recognized by the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC

Advanced 3D Animation - Complete these 24 courses in six 15-week full-time semesters. Graduates will also acquire job-ready skills. 

Advanced Game Design - Complete these 24 courses in six 15-week full-time semesters. Graduates will leave with a uniquely tailored portfolio that can be used towards a career in the games industry.

Advanced Game Technology - Complete these 24 courses in six 15-week full-time semesters. Graduates leave with specialized skills not typically found prior to entering the industry.

Advanced Strata Management - Designed for strata managers currently working in the field to fine-tune their processes by providing guidance for daily challenges. 

Advanced Visual Effects (VFX) - Complete these 24 courses in six 15-week full-time semesters. Graduates will be qualified to work for animation and visual effects studios.

Builder License - Complete all seven courses to obtain your Builder License. 

Insurance - Complete this in 13 weeks. Fun fact: 70% of our students obtain license within one year and are currently employed. 

Dental Reception - Complete this part-time certificate in 10 weekend courses. This accelerated program provides the basic skills necessary for day-to-day front desk procedures in a computerized dental office.

Digital Film Full-Time - Complete in 16 weeks. No film background required.

Digital Media Series - A collection of courses for those learning about or better understanding Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Designed for a wide range of experience from Level 1 to Level 3. 

Documentary Production - Complete in 15 weeks full-time. This is Vancouver’s longest standing intensive documentary training program. No film experience required.

Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance - Complete this full-time program in two years. This post-degree diploma program is designed to provide the necessary skills to focus on workplace compliance.

Langara English Proficiency Program (LEPP) - Complete in ten weeks during evenings and Saturday mornings. This part-time program is for those who want to improve their language skills for academic, professional, or self-development purposes.

Management Skills - Complete in four weekend courses. 

Medical Aesthetics - Complete this certificate in 13 days over six months. Part-time weekend classes. For healthcare professional who would like to move into the wellness market.

Personalized Medicine - For Healthcare professionals, complete this post-graduate certificate in eight months. Graduates will be able to better assess patients, while designing and implementing improved healthcare treatments.

Production Design for Film and TV - Complete in 12 weeks. Acquire hands-on experience, while preparing for work in the art department of a television or film production.

Professional Bookkeeper - Complete this certificate program in one to four years depending on course load.

Project Management - Complete in 14 weeks, and work towards your PMP designation. 

Registered Massaged Therapy (RMT) - Complete this two-year diploma with instructors described as “the best in the province.” Graduates say they feel prepared for work within the health care system.

Social Housing Management - Five courses designed through partnership with the BC Non-Profit Housing Association to support managers, staff, and volunteers working in development or social housing operations. 

Supply Chain and Logistics - This is a very popular post-degree diploma (PDD) that includes a one term work-placement. 

Full list of Continuing Studies programs and courses offered at Langara College can be found here.

Registration for Fall 2020 starts on Wednesday, July 15, 2020. Registration in ongoing, check specific program and course pages for dates and information.

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