Industry-Specific English Language Learning

Elevate your English skills with industry-specific English Language Learning courses. Our fully-funded curriculum focuses on the language skills you need to study and work in the field of Medical Office Administrator or the dynamic 2D Animation and 3D Animation industries. These intensive courses are designed to empower you on your academic and career paths. Each of the three sets contains five tailored courses:

  • English for Industry Specific Study
    Strengthen your skills in time management and task efficiency, engage in clear communication with instructors, and enhance your abilities in research and presentations to prepare for future studies. You’ll learn about academic integrity and gain access to college supports. You’ll also develop strategies for test-taking, independent learning, critical thinking, and applying feedback.

  • English for Industry Specific Language & Skills 1
    In this foundational course, you’ll focus on essential grammar and vocabulary skills for success in your studies. You’ll learn language for industry-specific processes and tools, enabling you to engage with key concepts within the industry context. You’ll also practice procedural language through engaging activities and the creation and delivery of presentations.

  • English for Industry Specific Collaboration & Communication
    Innovative teamwork and leadership skills are essential for studying and working in a diverse environment. You’ll learn about your personal communication preferences, online communication, and strategies for managing conflicts. Through interactive group tasks, you’ll practice interpersonal skills including assertive communication, negotiation, active listening, and delegation. Special emphasis is placed on intercultural awareness and communication strategies.

  • English for Industry Specific Language & Skills 2
    Students in this advanced course develop more complex language skills for industry-specific terminology, procedures, and skills. You’ll continue to build strong language skills that will be essential for your studies and career.

  • English for Industry Specific Employment Readiness
    Upon completion of your academic qualifications, you’ll face a competitive job market. In this course, you get ready to find employment in your chosen industry. You’ll learn current methods for researching job openings, crafting resumes and cover letters, and conducting effective interviews with confidence. Additionally, you’ll learn about industry trends, job search strategies, and career development to launch a successful career.

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