Langara College Main Campus

Notes about Langara College Main Campus:
Located between Main Street and Cambie Street, most Langara programs and courses are held at the main campus. Our beautiful campus is located along the Ontario bike lane and just a few minutes walk from Langara-49th Ave Canada Line station.

  • Walking distance from Langara-49th Avenue Skytrain Station
  • Public bus routes include 003, 015, 049, N15
  • 24-hour security on site
  • Pay parking available, limited street parking available (restricted to certain times of the day)
  • Several food options on campus and nearby on Main St.

Transit routes to Langara College Main Campus:

  • Canada Line Skytrain - Langara-49th Station (Cambie St. & 49th Ave.)
  • #49 - Metrotown Station/UBC bus
  • #15 - Cambie St./Downtown bus
  • #3 - Main/Downtown bus

Bike lanes near Langara College Main Campus:

  • Ontario Street (north/south)
  • Cambie Street (north/south)
  • 49th Avenue (east/west)
  • 59th Avenue - North Arm Trail Greenway (east/west)

Parking at Main Campus:
Long-Term (Daily) Parking rates

  • $3.50 for 4 hours   
  • $7.00 all day (until lots close)
  • $3.50 flat rate after 1700 hours
  • $3.50 daily flat rate on weekend
  • $1.50 per half hour

Payment can be made at any parking pay station on campus.

Note: Be careful if you park off-campus. There is a 5-block "Resident Only Parking" zone around the campus. Parking in front of a private residence may result in a City of Vancouver parking violation.

West Broadway Campus

Notes about Langara's West Broadway Campus:
Langara's West Broadway campus is located at 601 West Broadway between Ash St. and Heather St. along West Broadway, one block west of Broadway-City Hall Canada Line Station.

  • Unit M11 is located on the Mezzanine level, labs and classroom found on the lower level - elevator access is inside the main lobby of 601 West Broadway building
  • Unit L2 is located on the Lower level, accessible from the outdoor courtyard.
  • Close to stores, banks, and restaurants along W. Broadway and Cambie St.

Transit routes to Langara West Broadway:

  • #99 - B-line UBC/Commercial
  • #9/N9 - Main/Downtown
  • #15/N15 - Cambie/Olympic Village Station
  • #17 - Oak/Downtown
  • Broadway-City Hall Canada Line Station

Bike lanes near Langara West Broadway:

  • Heather Street (north/south)
  • Cambie Street (north/south)
  • 7th Avenue (east/west)
  • 10th Avenue (east/west)

Parking at Langara West Broadway

  • Pay parking (Advanced and Impark) and meter parking available, 2-hour parking also in the area
  • Short-Term (Visitor) Parking: $1.50 per half hour
  • Payment must be made at “Short-Term” pay station inside Building ‘B’.
  • The parking lot operates on a pay-by-stall basis. Enter your stall number at any parking pay station located around campus. Payments can be made by coin or by credit card.

If you require additional information on how to get to this location, please call 604.872.2471

Vancouver Technical Secondary (VSB)

Notes about Vancouver Technical Secondary:
Vancouver Technical Secondary is located at 2600 East Broadway, between Penticton and Slocan streets.

  • Free school and street parking available
  • Enter at main entrance on E. Broadway for classroom information
  • Night supervisor on-location
  • Close to restaurants along E. Broadway, Nanaimo St., and Grandview Hwy.

Transit routes to Vancouver Technical Secondary:

  • #99 - B-line UBC/Commercial
  • #9/N9 - Main/Downtown
  • #27 - Kootenay Loop/Joyce Station
  • Renfrew Expo Line Skytrain Station

Bike lanes near Vancouver Technical Secondary:

  • Slocan Street (north/south)
  • North Grandview Hwy. - Central Valley Greenway (east/west)