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Registration & Classes How do I locate my course schedule and room number?

Confirm class times, instructors, and room numbers with Continuing Studies’ Classroom Schedule. This daily schedule is up-to-the-minute, sorted by start time, and displays last minute changes to your course info.

To access personalized course schedule and course location details, go to your account through the Langara login page. Once logged in click on the Students tab, then “Continuing Studies”, then “Semester Schedule by Day/Time/Room”

You will be able to view the time and location of your registered courses. Room locations are also posted on the Room Schedule Screen by the main entrance of the college next to the Continuing Studies office on your first day of class.

Don’t know where the classroom is? Find your way with our campus map, or for more help, call Continuing Studies at 604.323.5322.

Registration & Classes Where do I get textbooks?

To access your personalized textbook list, log into your account through the Student Information System. Once logged in, click on Textbook portal. You will be able to view your personalized textbook list.

Alternatively, for textbook information, visit the Bookstore website at

You can search for textbook information by course with the following steps:

  1. Select the semester in months (Jan-Apr, May -Aug, Sep-Dec) for Continuing Studies
  2. Select the four letter course code and four digit course number that corresponds to your course
  3. Add to (repeat steps until all courses are added)
  4. Generate Textbook list

Once your list is generated, you have the option to place orders from the Bookstore online and either have the materials shipped to your home (for a shipping fee) or make them available for pick up from the bookstore (with shipping fee waived). For pick up, please ensure to bring a picture ID for verification. Please visit the Bookstore website for more information. 

Registration & Classes How many times can I repeat a course?

Effective August 2019 all courses that are part of a credential (Certificate, Diploma, and Post-Degree Diploma) will be subject to a registration limit of two (2) attempts. This means if you registered in a course twice, you must receive approval from the Program Coordinator to register for a third time. The request must be submitted by email. The Program Coordinator will review your case before making a final decision.

Click here for the Program Coordinator Directory.

Note: If you dropped a course and it is not recorded on your transcript, this does not count towards the repeat limit; if you registered and withdrew from a course with a W on your transcript, this will count towards the repeat limit.

Registration & Classes What if I need to get a Criminal Record Check for acceptance into a specific program?
Students are able to request a Criminal Record check from the Government of BC website by completing an online criminal record check form. If the request does not go through and needs additional verification, please fill out and print a copy of the criminal record check, scan a copy of your ID, and send the application form, criminal record check, and scanned copy of your ID to If you have any questions, please email your Program Coordinator.
Exams & Testing What is the final exam policy?

Where completion of a final examination is required in order to receive credit for a course, students must be available for your examinations as scheduled. It is your responsibility to be aware of the time and date of your final examinations as indicated on the final version of the examination schedule. If possible, final examinations will be rescheduled upon request for any student scheduled to write:

  1. Two or more examinations at the same time, or
  2. Two or more examinations, each exceeding one hour in duration, with an intervening break of less than one-half hour (30 minutes), or
  3. More than three examinations in different courses in one day, or
  4. More than six hours of examinations in one day, or
  5. Final examinations at a different institution or regular studies scheduled at the same time.

Final examinations will not be re-scheduled for reasons other than those noted above. Requests for re-scheduling of examinations must be made to your instructor two weeks before the exam. Documentation for all requests will be required, including printed examination schedules. Extenuating circumstances will only be considered with verifiable professional documentation. These include exceptional circumstances beyond a student’s control that significantly affect the student’s ability to meet requirements of a course. 

Exams & Testing Can I apply for exam deferral?

Mid-term and final examinations must be completed on the scheduled dates. Failure to write on the scheduled dates will warrant a zero on the assessment. Exam deferral requests will be considered for extenuating circumstances with proper documentation and advanced notification to the instructor and program coordinator. Final approval is at the discretion of the program coordinator. There will be no exceptions, other than under exceptional and documented circumstances or for medical-related reasons. Requests must be submitted in writing along with the required exam deferral form no later that 48 hours prior to the exam date.

Grades & Transcripts How do I get my unofficial/official transcript?

Unofficial Transcripts
Unofficial transcripts can be viewed online or downloaded by students through their account after grades are posted. Grades are posted roughly 2 to 3 weeks after the last class (or in some cases, after the last project/exam submission deadlines). Unofficial transcripts are used for students’ purposes to view grades. In some instances, students may use unofficial transcripts for employer reimbursement or sponsor reimbursement as successful proof of course completion.

  1. Log into the Student Information System through the Langara login page
  2. Click on Student Main Menu
  3. Click on Continuing Studies
  4. Select View Unofficial Transcripts
  5. To print select PDF

Official Transcripts
Official transcripts are official documents provided by the institution upon request with a fee in a sealed envelope. These are used primarily for transfer credit either to a professional organization or another institution. Some employers or sponsors may require official transcripts for reimbursement after the course is over.

To order an official Continuing Studies transcript, please visit Official Transcript - Continuing Studies – Langara Fee Payment Portal

 The cost for an official transcript is $10.00 for the first copy and $4.00 for each additional transcript ordered at the same time. Please allow five business days for processing. A rush transcript will cost $27.00 plus $6.00 for each additional copy ordered at the same time. Please allow 24 hours or one business day for processing. For questions regarding official transcripts, email

Grades & Transcripts How do I order a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) letter.

COE letters are available for order through Rush orders are not currently available. In-person pickup is not currently available; COE’s will be sent as a PDF via e-mail.

Grades & Transcripts What is the grading breakdown?

The breakdown of Continuing Studies grades are as follows:

A+                   95 – 100%                         
A                     90 – 94%
A-                    85 – 89%
B+                   80 – 84%                             
B                     75 – 79%
B-                    70 – 74%
C+                   65 – 69%                           
C                     60 – 64%
C-                    55 – 59%                          

D                     50 – 54%                           

F                     Below 50%                      

Anecdotal Grades:                                 

*Entered by CSRO only

N                    Student has ceased to attend class/participate in classwork or did not write the final exam
S                    Satisfactory
U                    Unsatisfactory
E                    Exempt (Credit obtained for work done elsewhere) * 
W                   Withdrawn *
I                      Incomplete
R                    Course taken on a non-credit basis
#                    Grade not available at time of printing

*Entered by CSRO only

Minimum requirements for successful completion may vary for each course.

Payment & Receipts How do I pay for an application fee?

You can pay for your application fee by visiting the online Fee Payment portal here.

Payment & Receipts How do I pay for courses?

Once you have registered for a course, you will have until the end of the day to pay for the course in full, otherwise you will be de-registered. Payment can be made in several ways:

Online payment can be done through the Student Information System using Visa, Mastercard or Interac. Through the Continuing Studies menu, you can click Account Balance and Payments to see your term balance, and click on “INTERAC Online or Credit Card Payment” to proceed to our third-party payment processor. Once payment has been completed, you will be provided with a 6-digit confirmation code.

Note: Interac Online (TD Bank only; Visa debit is not supported). As of May 15, 2023 Interac Online will no longer be available. Only Visa or MasterCard will be accepted for online payments. 

Please make sure that you are making payments into the correct semester for your courses.

By Phone
You can call us at 604.323.5322 to make a payment over the phone with Visa or Mastercard.

In Person
In person payments are available during our office hours. Cash payments are not accepted.

Payment & Receipts How do I access my tax receipts for tuition fees?

Tuition fees for eligible courses exceeding $100 within a calendar year are income tax-deductible. Tax receipts are available only on the web. Tax receipts for the previous calendar year are available at the end of February the following year.

How to access your tax receipt (T2202A):

  1. Log into the Student Information System*+
  2. Click on Students tab
  3. Click on Canadian Tax Forms
  4. Click on T2202A Tax Credit Form
  5. Select Correct Year (to print – choose Printable T2202A Form)
  6. Click on Submit

If you do not know your student number and/or password, please contact Continuing Studies at 604.323.5322.

Please note: According to CRA, to be eligible for credit you must attend class:

  • Part time: Three consecutive weeks AND 12 or more hours in the month
  • Full time: Three consecutive weeks for 10 or more hours in each week

LEAP courses are considered “upgrading” courses and therefore are ineligible for a tax receipt.

* Use Internet Explorer/Safari only as we are experiencing technical problems with Google Chrome/Firefox

+ Tax receipt shows up on a new window, ensure that pop-up blocker is disabled.

Payment & Receipts Is financial aid available?

The Langara Financial Aid Department administers a variety of assistance programs.

Staff are available to help students complete various forms relating to financial assistance and can also help with budgeting and advice on general financial planning.

Students experiencing financial difficulties should contact the Financial Aid department at are often able to help students find solutions to financial problems.

Brief descriptions of financial support programs available at Langara College are outlined on the various Financial Aid tabs. For more information and/or for funding applications, please speak to the Registrar and Enrolment Services Office.

Department Scholarships
Langara Continuing Studies also offers Department Scholarships. 

Langara College scholarships and awards are intended to recognize and support the outstanding achievement of our students. Scholarship and award recipients must satisfy all criteria specified by a donor unless the donor agrees to waive those criteria. 

A list of Continuing Studies scholarships can be found here.

Graduation & Credentials What are the Eligibility Requirements to Qualify for Credential?

Minimum Requirement for Credential Eligibility 
To qualify for a Continuing Studies credential, students must complete at least 50% of the required course hours at Langara College Continuing Studies. Individual programs may stipulate a higher percentage, but not less than 50%.

Time Requirement for Credential Completion 
Certificate programs may impose a time limit for the completion of all required coursework. Students who are unable to meet the graduation requirement within the prescribed time limit may consult the appropriate CS Program Coordinator to request an extension. Approval will be on a case-by-case basis. 

Multiple Credential Eligibility 
50% of credit for a second or subsequent credential must be new course work, not used to satisfy the requirements for a previous credential. The final 40% of the course work of the second or subsequent credential must be completed through Langara College Continuing Studies.

Graduation & Credentials What are learning units?

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and International Learning Unit (ILU) are used to measure and recognize lifelong learning. CEUs are a class-hours based measure and one CEU is awarded for every ten instructional hours. The ILU is an outcomes-based measure by the Learning Resource Network, the largest international lifelong learning organization in the world. For more info, visit

Graduation & Credentials Can Langara help me find a job?

Continuing Studies students enrolled in a course that is part of a certificate or diploma program now have access to Langara’s C3 Job Board. By using your Langara account, you will have access to part-time, full-time, temporary, and volunteer opportunities. Activate your C3 Job Board profile now, to view and apply for jobs, access career resources, and upload your resume for review.