Summer Camps 2020

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Coming Up:  Summer 2020 Camps

Please note that the opening of registration has been delayed until further notice.

To receive a notification once registration reopens, please email annasmith@langara.ca

We look forward to meeting our teens and their families in July and August!


From Coding to Photography and Graphic Novel Design, these are not your average summer camps. Langara College offers a range of summer camps for ages 13–17 designed to cultivate curiosity, unleash imagination, and develop problem-solving skills.


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 Arts - Photos, Music

Introduction to Digital Music Production

Interested in electronic music, DJing, or music production? Want to record movie, TV, and video game music? Bring your headphones and get started! This camp will finish at 4:00 pm.

July 6 - 17

Advanced Digital Music Production

Participants will go deeper into the technical and productions side of digital music and explore the software that goes into producing their own piece. Bring your headphones and get working. This camp will finish at 4:00 pm.

July 27 - August 7

Capture the Moment: Photography Camp

An exciting program designed to inspire, challenge, and engage the aspiring photographer. Students will have access to Langara’s studios and state-of-the-art equipment.

July 20 - 24

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Calling All Graphic Novel Fans: Graphic Novel and Manga Camp

This one-week introductory camp allows budding graphic novel and manga artists to explore the world of comic book creation.

July 27 - 31

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Computer & Tech, Robotics

Code Breaker: Introduction to Coding and Game Design 

A high-speed fun, educational journey through computer science, coding, and game design.

July 6 - 17

VEX Robotics Summer Camp

You'll use a VEX Rototics kit and ROBOTIC language to build and program a robot - then compete against your fellow campers for bragging rights!

August 4 - 14

Game On! Advanced Coding for Game Development

Learn the process of game development by making your own game this summer! Skills can be applied to almost any other game engine, 2D or 3D.

July 20 - 24

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New This Year


No Planet B:  Sustainable Leadership for Teens

Teen voices are more important than ever.  Work with your classmates, instructor, guest speakers and more to find ways you can help tackle the problems our planet faces.

July 6 - 17

ESports:  Training & Coaching for Fortnite Athletes

Build in-game skills and strategies alongside IRL teamwork, injury prevention, and training scheduling skills.  Meet fellow gamers, and battle for supremacy!

July 27 - 31

En Garde!  Fencing for Beginners

Lunge, parry, and riposte your way to fencing excellence!  You'll learn footwork and bladework, safe training and competition strategies, and face off in bouts against your fellow campers.

August 4 - 7