Professional Bookkeeper

As business practices come under more scrutiny, the need for bookkeepers is increasing. Bookkeeping is the field of accounting that involves collection, analysis and recording financial data. Qualified bookkeepers are in high demand for various roles in organizations of all sizes. Many bookkeepers are self-employed and/or establish their own practices. The Professional Bookkeeper Short Certificate provides students with the foundation to face the challenges in today's business environment, integrating bookkeeping concepts with the changing technology.

Graduates of the Professional Bookkeeper Short Certificate program will be able to enter the job market with confidence in a role that requires bookkeeping skills.  This program is designed for individuals who have no knowledge of bookkeeping or are currently working in a bookkeeping role but are missing the educational requirements for certification. 

Students who have completed previous course work and would like to have it approved as a prerequisites or exemptions towards the certificate must provide documents, in the form of official transcripts, along with a completed Exemption/Prerequisite Approval Form before registration.

International students are required to comply with Academic, English Proficiency and Study Permit requirements. Please contact Langara Global for more information.