Production Design for Film and TV


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The Production Design Certificate is a one of a kind program in Vancouver, an exciting, hands-on program that trains students from an arts or similar background to work in the art department of a film or television production. This program teaches the aesthetics and process of production design, the roles and responsibilities of the art department crew, AutoCad and Sketchup computer software programs, and the skills required to gain an entry-level position in the art department of a professional film or television production. 

The program is designed and taught by established production designers, meaning students are provided with the most up-to-date industry information. Students will also have the opportunity to gain on-set experience on a digital film student production or with the crew of another film production that they may find. They will also prepare a portfolio book, learn how to create and maintain an online presence, and discover how to break into the industry.

The Production Design for Film and TV Program participates in the Lifetime Alumni Program which means that students who achieve certification in the program are able to take any course in the Part time Digital Film Certificate Program for free for the rest of their life. With the Lifetime Alumni Program, graduate students can come back to upgrade their skills at no cost. For information on the policies and restrictions for the Lifetime Alumni Program please talk to Annat Kennet, Program Coordinator.


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