Dylan Myers 2020 Graduate

Dylan is the Operations Manager for the City of New Westminster

My time at Langara College has been an immense success, which has seen me advance in numerous positions and I look forward to where my career takes me as a professional and Langara Alum. 

Matt Bains Graduate 2017

Matt was the Youth Worker for the City of New Westminster Youth Services.

“This program has allowed me to further my knowledge and skill-sets in recreation, through the flexibility of being in a mostly online classroom environment. In addition, I give high praise to the BRM's instructors, who all have a ton of experience in the recreation field,  that they definitely share with their students throughout this program - it truly is inspiring. Also, with the high level of competition for landing supervisory/management positions within the recreation field these days, this degree will definitely help me rise above my competition.”

Tara Nazemi Graduate 2016

Tara was the Community Arts Program Assistant III for the Vancouver Boards of Parks and Recreation.

“The Recreation Leadership Diploma program fed my insatiable thirst for wanting to dig deeper into recreation and leisure studies, while the Bachelor in Recreation Management, comprised of equal parts business and recreation courses, furthered my career aspirations.”

Heather Nivison Graduate 2014

Heather is the Program manager for the Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club.

“The BRM program allowed me to receive an extremely well-rounded education while learning alongside other recreation professionals.  I found it extremely engaging to hear stories, examples and points of view from my classmates. I was promoted to a management role one year after completing my degree and I would highly recommend the program to those seeking to complement their existing education or advance as leaders in the recreation field.”

Karlo Tamondong Graduate 2012

Douglas Recreation Centre, City of Langley.

“What made me decide to take the Bachelor of Recreation Management program is its flexibility and on-line option. As a full-time employee in the field of recreation, the BRM has given me the option to get my degree in the field that I love at my own pace. In addition, the BRM is the only degree program in the Lower Mainland that solely focuses in the field of recreation and the management/business side of recreation. One of my highlights was the research paper that I had to do; the research paper came in handy for my organization and some of the committees that I sit on and it became a valuable tool for my work.”

Courtney Cohen Graduate 2012

Richmond Society for Community Living, City of Richmond.

“The Bachelor of Recreation Management Program enabled me to further my education in the Recreation field. One of my most memorable highlights from the BRM program would have to be the online discussions in each recreation class. Throughout the semesters you connect with your classmates online; in structured discussions, however you also get to give personal examples, which allow the online learner to relate to the student on a personal level.”

Jeremy Quan Graduate 2012

Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre, City of Vancouver.

“The Bachelor of Recreation Management Program is a career enabler. It provided the opportunity to take my career to the next level; a program that catered specifically to my career aspirations. I really enjoyed applying the various skills, tools and theories that were gained in the range of recreation and business management courses to real-life workplace situations. It was also an amazing opportunity to connect with other recreation professionals in an online setting where students could use discussion threads and peer presentations as a valuable resource.”