Many graduates from the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program found a career they are passionate in. Check out their stories and testimonials below:

Alex Ngai Graduate 2017

Alex Ngai is a supervisor for YMCA Vancouver

Working in the field of recreation has impacted both my life and career by understanding the importance of what recreation can do for people. Having gone through the Langara Recreation Studies program, it has helped me grow as a leader both personally and professionally. For me, I believe in living life to the fullest while being focused on passion, laughter, and teamwork every day while bringing people together to strengthen the community. I believe that children and youth need to remain active through sport and have role models to look up to and I make sure that children and youth are reaching their full potential and help create opportunities for them to strive to be the best they can be. Working in the field of recreation is both exciting and challenging. We have the opportunity to impact people’s lives for the better- and it is something that I look forward to every day. Without having gone through the program, I would not be in the position of where I am today to make this happen.
The Recreation Studies program provides students the experiences (both practical and non-practical) needed to work in the rec field so that they are able to jump right in and work in the field of recreation by bringing people that are passionate about what they do to help others experience High-Quality Recreation programs. 
The Rec program not only has helped me advance within the field of recreation but has allowed me to take on more challenging and difficult roles within recreation. The Recreation Studies program is crucial for anyone who is interested in a career in recreation.

Jerome Oregas Graduate 2014

Jerome was a Recreation Leader Attendant for the City of New Westminster.

“The recreation program at Langara has taught me invaluable skills in facility operations, programming, and community development. The diverse courses gave me the advantage I needed to quickly excel towards becoming a recreation professional.”

Caitlin Davies Graduate 2014

Caitlin was a Community Services Assistant 2 for the The City of Surrey.

“The Langara Recreation program was a valuable asset in achieving my career goals. The team diversity of staff and students made this program a unique learning experience that not only challenged me but also contributed to my success.”

Denis Laferriere Graduate 2014

Denis was the Rental Coordinator for the Trout Lake Community Centre.

“The Recreation Leadership Diploma Program offered me relevant application tools in the recreation field ranging from programming, HR, marketing, industry standards, and facility maintenance to name a few. The faculty members are passionate about their work and are sincerely dedicated to the success of their students in their recreation career endeavours.”

Lisa Kabool Graduate 2013

Lisa was the Community Service Coordinator for the City of Surrey.

“The Langara Recreation Program provided me with the skills to succeed in my career.  The instructors’ guidance, knowledge, and passion were invaluable in creating a supportive and fun learning environment for those looking to work in the recreation field.”

Helen Chiu Graduate 2007

Helen was the Recreation Programmer for the City of Vancouver.

“The Langara Recreation Program has helped me realize my passion to make a difference in our community. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process taught by the instructors and believe this program would be a great choice for those interested in learning the field of recreation.”

Mandy Jones Graduate 2007

Mandy was the Community Services Assistant 5 - Adult Programmer for the City of Surrey.

"The Recreation Program was such a positive experience.  The learning environment that the faculty creates sets you up for success, and gives you the tools necessary to succeed in the field after the program is complete."

Alvin Wright Graduate 2005

Alvin was the Recreation Director for the New Aiyansh Village Government.

“My most enjoyable experiences at Langara College, were with our dedicated Instructors. It is through their personalities, unique teaching styles & techniques that brought forth positive attributes that were hidden within. Through their support and guidance, I could see more clearly the direction and path I was heading in my career and life.”

Tom Sadler Graduate 1997

Tom was the Coordinator for the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West.

“The Recreation Program at Langara provided me with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the field of recreation.  I would not be where I am today without the guidance and caring of the instructors in the program.”