Student clubs are a great way to have fun, meet new people, and get involved in the campus community.

Explore the options and see what interests you. 

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Five Benefits of joining a Student Club

  1. You'll get to meet and connect with diverse groups of people 

  2. You can find or build community

  3. You'll develop new skills 

  4. You can build your network

  5. It's FUN!

Explore the current list of renewing and pending student clubs for 2023–2024:

(listed alphabetically in each category)


Academic and Department Related Clubs

  • Langara Accounting Club
  • Langara Computer Science Club
  • Langara Kinesiology Association
  • Langara Project Management Club

Cultural Clubs

  • Langara Black Student Union
  • Langara Chinese Students and Scholars Association 
  • Garuda Indonesian Langara Association
  • Langara Genders and Sexualities Alliance
  • Japanese Association Langara
  • Korean Student Association
  • Latin American Student Association Langara
  • Langara Muslim Student Association

Special Interest Clubs

  • Earth Nation Club
  • Langara Ink and Dice Association

Sports and Recreational Clubs

  • Langara Chess Club
  • Langara Esports Association

Pending Clubs

  • Langara Punjabi Association
  • Langara Persian Club
  • Langara Jewish Students Association
  • Langara Anime Club
  • Langara Creation & Collaboration Club
  • Langara School of Management Consulting Club