The Diploma in Arts and Science (Commerce) Program provides courses needed for equivalency to pre-Commerce and first-year Commerce. The diploma program in place at Langara College is geared more specifically to UBC, but if space is available and with some amendments, this program also facilitates transfer to SFU and UVic. (Please consult with a counsellor regarding requirements.) The diploma program also provides a basis for entry into general business fields and a business-oriented direction for mathematically inclined students. The program leads to a Diploma in Arts and Science (Commerce). It is also possible for students to complete an Associate of Arts Degree in Commerce and Business Studies.

Transfer to UBC, SFU or UVic Faculties of Commerce will depend on those institutions and each application will be considered on its merits. Students with a previous university degree should contact these universities first before applying for the Commerce transfer program.

The need to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 cannot be overemphasized due to the highly competitive nature of admission into business faculties at all three universities.

Graduates of the Langara Diploma in Arts and Science (Commerce) Program will be eligible for admission into the third year of Royal Roads University's Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management Program, provided all other entrance criteria are met and space is available in the Bachelor of Commerce Program.

Graduates may also be eligible to continue at Langara College in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program upon completion of some bridging courses.