IT provides a Linux shell and web environment for instructional purposes: This server holds instructional web content, such as websites created by students for the course(s) they are taking.

  • Login information is the same as your Computer User ID.
  • This server is for instructional use only. 
  • Data in myLinux accounts is wiped at the end of each semester's exam period.
  • mylinux is not meant to promote information pertaining to a department or program. Departments should consult the Communications & Marketing Department for such purposes.
  • Quota on myLinux:
    • Student - 20MB
    • Instructor - 100MB
  • Instructors must request access to mylinux no later than 2 weeks before the term begins.  After this time, such requests will be processed for next term.
  • Students will have access once the class starts.

Who can use this service

  • Instructors of courses requiring Linux
  • Students in such courses