Gartner Reports and Research

Now available to Langara students and employees.

Langara employees and students now have access to Gartner. Gartner is a tech and market research resource tool providing research and data in the form of case studies, videos, statistics, podcasts, and more using Gartner-specific research methodologies.

These topics may include:

  • IT Management  
  • Business Applications  
  • Operations Management  
  • Vendor Ratings 
  • Communications & Stakeholder Management

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What is Gartner?

Gartner is a technological research and consulting firm that conducts and provides market research, market analysis, and virtual events on various fields and industries. Information is tailored to what you are looking for.  

What's included?

  • Gartner-exclusive research and reports: An extensive collection of up-to-date market research collected first-hand by Gartner’s global team of experts.
  • Personal library: Create a personal library by saving any research for your areas of interest.
  • Webinars and online events: Attend online webinars and events through your myGartner dashboard for in-depth insight to your topic or field of interest. 

How does Gartner do it?

Gartner provides an array of market research, market analysis, and webinars by using Gartner-specific research approach which include:

  1. Magic Quadrant: Gives a wide-angle view of the relative positions of competitors in a specific market. Learn more. 
  2. Hype Cycle: Distinguishes the hype around new technologies that are commercially viable. Learn more.

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