Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

The Supply Chain and Logistics Post-Degree Diploma is a two-year, full-time program including 21 required courses and a work placement term providing students with hands-on experience under the supervision of a Langara approved supply-chain employer.

Overall, the program provides an intensive understanding of global supply chains. Students will learn from professionals in the field about sourcing, procurement, coordination, strategic management, materials management, and the delivery of goods and services, among other topics. This well-rounded program sets students up for success after graduation and positions them well for fulfilling careers in the industry.

But don't just take our word for it – check out these success stories from Langara College Supply Chain and Logistics alumni!


Langara's Supply Chain and Logistics Post-Degree Diploma (PDD) program gave me the base I needed to start my career in supply chain with confidence. With a background in engineering, I was glad the program covered a variety of key topics like purchasing, inventory, accounting, negotiation, and planning. It provided me with the building blocks to develop my supply chain career. The practicum was essential because it allowed me to improve my skills, put into practice what I have learned, and show my strengths. This experience led to a permanent position in the company which ultimately launched my career in Canada. Nowadays, when I am planning my factory production, I can clearly remember the MRP (Material Requirements Planning) classes. It is really fulfilling to apply what I have learned and use it to grow my career.


In 2018, when I started the Post-Degree Diploma (PDD) in supply chain and logistics, I was advised to look for a part-time job, even if modest, within the industry. That's how I started working in a major 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company as a warehouse clerk. Although it wasn't easy being a full-time student and having a physically demanding job, the experience helped me to build up a network and to look for new opportunities. After graduation, I received several job offers in the industry. Who could have imagined that supply chain and logistics professionals would become so in-demand when the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the world? Despite all the job opportunities, finding a compatible job for my professional profile turned into a major effort because I had to prioritize the various aspects of my life and career. In the end, having an active network was decisive in finding my “good fit” with my current employer. I am very grateful for the Supply Chain and Logistics program instructors, the alumni group, and practicum coordinator from Langara College because she had the time to check my resume and connect me with my current employer. Today, I am thrilled and happy! For me, it was a longer wait than expected but I have learned to trust in my skills and to achieve my goals at my own pace.


I successfully interviewed for a practicum position in the operations division of a local Vancouver fashion and lifestyle brand. My job was to create a framework for a better supply structure to serve the company’s 80+ test centers in Vancouver, Toronto, and Singapore. However, just days before my start date I learned flights from India were cancelled. Luckily, my new employer was very understanding and wanted me on board despite the geographical challenges we now faced. I was able to successfully complete my practicum remotely and as soon as I could, I booked tickets to Canada. Now, I am employed as the Distribution Centre Operations Lead at the same company.


Before joining Langara College for the Supply Chain and Logistics program, I had very little knowledge about the industry. After two years of study, I am now very well equipped with the fundamentals, and I understand how broad the supply chain industry is and where you can find many options and directions for your career. From my perspective, supply chain study is not super difficult, but working in supply chain is another story. The reality is there are no 100% true or false scenarios and most of the time you'll have to make decisions based on your best judgement and personal experiences. That said, I find it fascinating and challenging to be working in this industry. You can find a lot of entry level jobs and gradually go up from there. Once you are in, there are many options you can choose depending on your strengths and preferences including, logistics, materials management and purchasing, etc. Today, I work as a Planner at a horticultural company. I've always felt lucky that I chose the Supply Chain and Logistics program at Langara as it gave me a strong background for a successful career.


There is no doubt that being a fresh graduate and an immigrant make it hard to secure a job in Canadian job markets, even though you possess experience. I am happy I chose Langara College's Supply Chain and Logistics program as it is one of the few institutes that offers workplace practicums. The program guides us through all the supply chain related areas, and it helped me stand in a better position in the industry. As a result, I was offered an amazing opportunity from the same company where I did my practicum – even before my graduation! I would like to thank instructors, staff members, and the Supply Chain and Logistics team for finding us great opportunities to start our careers.


During my studies at Langara College, I was always into purchasing and inventory management. Even with a clear goal in mind of becoming a purchaser, it would not have been possible without the practicum program that Langara provided. At first, I thought my practicum could not happen due to changing COVID-19 restrictions, but then I had a chance to participate in a virtual internship. As a result of that opportunity, I was hired and have since been promoted! I would say that was a big turn for myself because the role was one I always wanted to do. Now working in the real world, I never forget the advice from Charlie, our instructor in purchasing: “Holding enough, not too much, but never run out”. I’m actually applying this advice in my current job – trying to manage a good level of stock so that storage costs do not ramp up but are still sufficient for production at any given time.


Ever since taking one subject in supply chain management during my studies at Langara College, I realized that logistics is the field where I wanted to build my career. After being accepted to Langara's Supply Chain and Logistics Post-Degree Diploma (PDD) program, I knew this was the first big step towards building a career in this ever-growing industry. I understood the knowledge I would gain from the college curriculum, along with its faculty instructors, would lay a great foundation that I could build on in the future. Fast forwarding to getting my PDD, I now work full time in the supply chain sector as a Logistics Coordinator and I absolutely love what I do! The intense dynamics and the ever-changing scenarios always keep me on my feet, and I am grateful that Langara College was there to give me a chance to work in an industry that I knew was the calling for me!


I graduated from Langara College's Supply Chain and Logistics program in December 2020 with the completion of my practicum during my final semester. The practicum was a great opportunity to apply what I learned throughout the course, as well as develop the soft and hard skills needed to hit the ground running after graduation. It gave me the confidence to land a job in my field of study and I could not be happier with the outcomes. Today, I am a Supply Chain Coordinator, coordinating inventory, procurement, and various side projects. I highly recommend taking the practicum as it builds your network, strengthens your critical thinking, and gives you a great head start in your new career.


When I was young, working in the logistics industry is exactly what I wanted to do. In the time I studied supply chain and logistics at Langara College, I gained a lot of skills and information that I can apply in my career. After two years of the program, I received my Supply Chain and Logistics Post-Degree Diploma while also achieving CIFFA certificates and a NAFTA Diploma through my practicum. With these certificates and diploma, I have more opportunities in the job market compared to others. Three months after graduation, I am a full-time Logistics Coordinator at a large importing and exporting company in Canada. I am very satisfied with my current employment since I am receiving a competitive salary and benefits – all of which would not have been possible without my experience at Langara College.


While the curriculum at Langara College provided me with a prelude of the supply chain and logistics industry, the practicum phase introduced me to how every aspect would fit into place. My practicum experience at a supply chain company challenged, humbled, defined, and enriched me, and it was also the steppingstone to my current full-time position as Assistant Cargo Coordinator at the same company. My formal education at Langara may have come to an end, but it taught me that we never stop learning and that our journey continues.