Learn specific skills related to working in a medical office

This fast-track, intensive program provides a strong foundation in medical office skills and knowledge.

  • Sept-Dec: registration opens mid July 
  • Jan - Apr: registration opens mid November
  • May-Aug: registration opens mid March


Call 604.323.5322 (no online registration)

Graduates may choose to combine this short-certificate with other office related work, or education, to more effectively search for employment in the medical field. Other students may use this credential to establish the groundwork to pursue a career in this area.

  • Program Duration: 105 hours in length
  • Intake Options: varies, view current options (dates and times are subject to change)
  • Program Fees: $1372*, plus additional textbook fees of approx $130
    *fee is subject to change. Additional fees of $20-$100 for supplies depending on students' individual computer set-up. See computer requirements under FAQs

Subjects covered include:

  • Medical Office Procedures,
  • Medical Documentation,
  • Medical Transcription,
  • Medical Terminology,
  • Basic Pharmacology,
  • Clinical Skills,
  • Anatomy Terminology for the MOA
  • Electronic Medical Records (Telus EMR)
  • Medical Billing. 
  • Job Seeking Skills

Langara's program meets a demand in the industry to provide training that specifically targets knowledge related to the medical field. Program Vision: 

  1. Facilitate the integration of medical office skills for those who have administrative assistance experience (or equivalent education), and
  2. To introduce the required skills needed to work in a medical office to those wishing to pursue a career in this area. 

Career Potential

  • Medical office administrators are very often referred to as medical office secretaries, or medical office assistants and related training programs in this province may use that title instead.
  • Possible job opportunities may include: Admitting Clerk, Medical Secretary, Scheduling/Booking Clerk, Admitting Clerk, Medical Receptionist, Medical Office Assistant, and Medical Office Administrator. With additional on-the-job or educational training, students may seek Medical Transcriptionist or Medical Billing Clerk positions.

Entrance requirements

Program requirements

Prior to registering, please be aware of the following:
  • Registration opens approximately 6 weeks prior to program start date. 
  • This program is very competitive and seats are limited to 22. You are not required to submit an application to apply to this program, however please ensure that you have read the recommended prerequisites.
  • To register: call 604.323.5322 (includes MOAP1101, MOAP1102, MOAP1103). 

Other Information

  • This program DOES NOT emphasize skills that may have been obtained elsewhere such as MS Word and Excel, keyboarding, practicums, first aid, and job search. Guidance is available should you wish to take additional training in these areas.
  • Employers may have different hiring requirements. If seeking a specific job placement, before you register, you should first inquire with those particular employers as to what program(s) they will recognize for employment
  • You must provide a miniumum of 24 hours notice before the program begins to withdraw from the program once you are registered. Administrative fees will apply. There are NO refunds once the program has started. 
  • Ensure that you have reviewed all information on the website regarding this program with specific attention to: Recommended prerequisites, FAQs, and the requirements of this intensive program

    If you are not able to meet the attendance requirements, or the recommended prerequisites outline on these pages, it may be difficult to receive a successful passing grade in this program.


There are 2 required textbooks in this program. Working in a Health Services Environment (digital or hard copy), and the Medical Transcript - custom version (digital), are available through the Langara Bookstore. Approximate cost for both is $130 before tax. Once you have your student number, these can be ordered through the Langara Bookstore site: The course code is MOAP1101. Note: If you require help with your online orders, please visit:

Credential Eligibility

To qualify for the certification, students must complete 105 hours of course work. Successful completion of all the required courses with a minimum B- grade in each course is required. All requirements must be completed within one year of starting the program. Students can complete the program as quick as one semester. By exception, courses may be taken individually as long as individual course prerequisites are met. There is not an application process for students wishing to register in this short-certificate. Students must register in all three modules.