Animal/Pet Care

Globally, the pet care market has grown to $261 billion in 2022; up from $245 billion in 2021. An estimated 6.1% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR), will catapult that figure to $350 billion by 2027. Source.

Professional Dog Walker: next intake June 2023. Registration begins March 2023. Gain insight into canine behaviour, legislation, risk management, bylaws, pet caregiving industry, and first aid. Take courses for personal interest or to pursue a career in the field of professional dog walking. Learn to better understand your own pet, or to support those whose animals are in your care.

Animal Control Training: next intake April 2023. Registration begins October 2022. Designed to elevate the animal control profession by advancing the knowledge, techniques, ethics, and actions of those who work in this field. The curriculum was created with industry input ensuring that the knowledge and skills you gain are relevant to your job. Receive a strong practical and theoretical foundation for understanding the physical and behavioural aspects of companion animals; animal control, restraint, and apprehension techiniques; animal welfare and abuse awareness; a practical overview of legislation, investigation, note-taking, and court proceedings with respect to animals; and the fundamentals of effective interaction with animal owners. 

Introduction to Animal Control: next intake October 2022. Registration will open July 20, 2022. Discover what it takes to be an Animal Control and Care Officer. Prepare yourself with tips, tricks, and understanding of this industry. Course will be delivered online via Zoom.