Classification: Off Campus
Closing Date: Dec. 30, 2022
Time Commitment: Flexible, at least 6 months
Location: Remote

Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders



Number of positions: 100




The Looking Glass Foundation strives to support individuals struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating. We offer innovative and accessible programs and services that decrease isolation, instill hope, and sustain recovery for individuals on their road to recovery. As a Foundation, we are aware of the harsh realities of eating disorders, the stigma that exists around these mental illnesses, and the work that still needs to be done in addressing treatment access and gaps. All of our work is grounded in hope, compassion, accessibility and accountability. Every day, we hear and share inspiring stories of our friends, loved ones, colleagues, and community members who have recovered and are thriving. Knowing this, we continue the fight against eating disorders, while sharing the message that recovery is possible. We understand the journey and we are here to help.


Our Vision: A province where everyone who suffers from an eating disorder receives the services they need to support their recovery, and where the stigma of this mental illness is replaced with compassion and understanding.


Our Mission: Looking Glass Foundation’s programs and services decrease isolation, instill hope, and sustain recovery for individuals across British Columbia who are impacted by eating disorders.


Position Title:  Peer Support Volunteers (Virtual)


Position Description:


The Looking Glass Foundation is always ready to welcome passionate, dedicated people who are willing to share their amazing gifts with our community. Community engagement and a refusal to stay silent are our greatest assets when it comes to defeating eating disorders, and we sincerely thank you for your willingness to help.


We are currently looking for peer support volunteers to provide virtual peer support in one of our 3 programs: Online Peer Support, Personal Recovery Space & Hand in Hand. We are also looking for bloggers.


To apply please visit:


> All of our volunteer opportunities, and training, is currently virtual.

> In order to be a peer support volunteer with Looking Glass, you must currently reside in Canada and you must be at least 19 years or older.


Here is a more detailed description about our 3 programs, followed by some FAQ: Online Peer Support (OPS) Program Description: Scheduled, anonymous, online chat for individuals ages 14+, of any gender, from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet. 6 chats are offered each week in the afternoons and evenings and each last 1.5 hours.

  • Volunteer Role: Your role is to make participants feel welcome, ensure the forum is a safe space, free of triggering conversations (e.g. no numbers, no talking about specific eating disorder behaviours), and to keep the chat positive and recovery-focused.
  • Volunteer Commitment: As a volunteer we ask that you commit to the program for a minimum of 6 months and that you moderate at least 3 chats each month.


Personal Recovery Space (PRS)


Program Description: Digital 24/7 recovery support service for individuals ages 14+, of any gender, from anywhere in the world with access to the internet. Each participant is given their own personal, secure, and confidential online forum that is shared with 2-3 Looking Glass Volunteers who provide peer support. * Volunteer Role: As a PRS volunteer you provide peer support to individuals as they go through the ups and downs along their recovery path. Your role is to validate the participant and remind them that full recovery is possible. No topics are off limits as each participant only interacts with volunteers.

* Volunteer Commitment: As a volunteer we ask that you commit to the program for a minimum of 6 months. We ask that you respond to the participant within 48 hours.




Program Description: In-person, confidential peer support service for individuals ages 16+, of any gender, who want to recover from an eating disorder. Trained Looking Glass Volunteers are paired with a participant whose background and interests suggest they will be a good match.

  • Volunteer Role: As a Hand-in-Hand volunteer you will provide peer support to an individual who is wanting to recovery from an eating disorder. You will support the participant wherever they are in their unique recovery journey, encourage them to remain recovery focused, and provide consistent, positive support.
  • Volunteer Commitment: As a volunteer we as that you commit to the program for a minimum of 6 months. We ask that you meet with your participant for 60-90 minutes each week through video conferencing on our secure platform.



How long is my volunteer commitment?

We ask that all volunteers commit to their role for at least 6 months.


I have never had an eating disorder, can I still be a volunteer?
Definitely! Anyone can be compassionate, empathetic, and provide peer support. As well, the trainings are designed to make sure every volunteer is equipped with the knowledge they need about eating disorders.


I am new to recovery from an eating disorder/disordered eating, can I volunteer?

Yes, but not in a peer-support role. We ask that our volunteers have been recovered for at least 2 years before they volunteer in a peer support role. We care about you and don’t want to put you in a place where you might be triggered, although this might never happen to you, it is impossible to predict. Anyone is welcome to blog and volunteer at the Gala and, if you are interested in volunteering in a peer-support role, we encourage you to reach out once you have been recovered for two years, we will always be here.


To apply please visit:


We thank all of those interested in volunteering, however, filling out an intake form does not guarantee a volunteer spot. There are several next steps including a 30 minute volunteer interview that is intended to determine whether the role is a good fit for both you and the Foundation, followed by a criminal record check and reference check.


Required Skills and Experience:

  • Reside in Canada
  • 19 years old + (**People who are 30 years old + are encouraged to apply**)
  • compassionate
  • good listener
  • willing to learn more about eating disorder and peer support
  • able to commit to at least 6 months of volunteering


Benefits and Recognition:  


We value our LGF volunteer community. We provide the following training, resources and other community engagement opportunities:

  • Comprehensive eating disorder & peer support training
  • Digital quarterly bulletin with resources
  • Regular follow-up trainings
  • Timely responses to your questions, concerns, etc. that arise with your matches or OPS participants
  • References and volunteer verification requests after 6 months
  • Understanding if you need to take a step back from volunteering
  • Opportunity to meet new people


Contact: Jane Liu, Volunteer Coordinator,