Are you looking to gain work experience or get in the know about financial planning? RBC On Campus is a great resource. Learn more about how RBC On Campus is providing services for students in their Q&A below.

Why is RBC on campus? Do they do banking for students?
RBC On Campus is an education center for students. While we can certainly help with basic banking requirements like open accounts, credit cards, etc., our main purpose is to provide financial advice and career resources to the students of Langara.

Another facet to RBC On Campus is RBC Future Launch. RBC Future Launch is a $500 million, 10-year commitment to today’s youth to help them prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. In fact, Future Launch is RBC’s biggest commitment to a social issue. The program focuses on helping youth get work experience, grow their network, gain new skills, and enhance their mental well-being through workshops, networking events, and community partnerships. Visit to learn more.

Is RBC related to Financial Aid at Langara?
While we do offer financial support advice and solutions, we are not related to Financial Aid at Langara. If you are a student at Langara looking for financial support, it is recommended that you first speak with the Financial Aid department. Once you have visited them, do reach out to us as well to learn about some great budgeting strategies to maximize your savings and pay off your debt.

Do I have to be an RBC client to speak with you?
No. We are open to everyone in the community regardless of which financial institution you bank with.

Why is it important for students to do financial planning now?
As you journey from college into the “real world”, you will encounter a number of situations that you would be better prepared for if you would have started saving early on in life. For example, we all know how expensive today’s real estate market is. Most (if not all) of us would like to invest in a house or an apartment. Through effective budgeting, savings, and credit building strategies while you are still a student, RBC On Campus can ensure that you are well equipped to tackle any financially demanding situations that may arise in the future.

What if I’m not on campus this semester? Should I just contact the closest RBC bank instead to get the same advice?
While you may not be present physically on campus this semester, you can always reach out directly and connect with us virtually. You can also book an appointment with us using the new RBC On Campus webpage at