Pathway to UBC Neuroscience

Pathway to UBC Neuroscience (Vancouver Campus)


Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field, using empirical evidence from psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, and other scientific disciplines to study the brain and nervous system. Students interested in neuroscience can complete the following collection of courses to apply to the undergraduate program in Neuroscience at The University of British Columbia Vancouver campus. These courses explore a variety of topics, including neural transmission, gross neuroanatomy, neurological disorders, cell physiology, organic chemistry, and research design and analysis. This collection of courses also provides a foundation for further studies in neuroscience, biology, biochemistry, medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, and other scientific disciplines.PSYC-UBCPathwaytoNeuroscience_2023-03-28.jpg

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Learn more about the UBC Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience here. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Pathway to UBC-V Neuroscience

Currently, this collection of courses does not constitute a degree. It only provides a pathway to the UBC-V Neuroscience program. However, students can receive an Associate of Science: General degree if they complete one additional MATH course. Click here for more information on this degree option. 

To enter the UBC-V Neuroscience pathway, students will need to:  
  • Apply to UBC science in January 
  • Upon successful application, they would choose Neuroscience as their top of 3 specializations in June  
  • Students can enter either in either year 2 or year 2.5 of the program:  
    • Year 2.5 (Preferred Pathway): Students would complete all of the above courses. Students would then take NSCI 200 and DSCI 100 upon entry to the program in the Fall semester and enter 3rd year standing in January   
    • Year 2: Students can apply to the program once they have completed the following set of courses: CHEM 1120 + 1220, BIOL 1115 + 1215, MATH 1171 or 1173 & 1183 or 1175, and PHYS 1125. 

Please note that completion of the required courses does not guarantee entry into the program, as there are limited seats in the program.  


Additional information regarding the application process can be found at:

Students wishing to complete an Associate of Science Degree (General) before transferring to UBC are recommended to take ENGL 1123 and either ENGL 1129 or ENGL 1130. 

Students registered in an Associate of Science Degree (general program and all majors) who plan to transfer without completing an Associate’s Degree can also consider taking ENGL 1123 & SCIE 113 or 1114.