Graduates from the Professional Photo-Imaging Program find success in many areas of the photographic and photographic-related industries. Read more about our alumni and their accomplishments since graduating from the program. Click on the "plus" icon to show more photos and/or their website.

Lumina Romanycia Class of 2011

"I would not be able to do the work I am doing now without the technical skills I learned at Langara. I’ve used a great deal of what I learned in the program to find solutions and prevent problems on the job, from shooting to digital workflow to post processing for a press printed final product. Langara gave me the tools to understand how to produce high quality work for my clients."

"I’m a commercial photographer based in Vancouver, BC. My subjects of choice so far tend to be based around kitchen, home and garden, with recent work in product photography for homewares retail catalogues."



Matt Neumann Class of 2010

"Attending the program at Langara gave me the opportunity to be fully immersed in photography every single day for two years straight. The program covered so many aspects of what being a working photographer actually is that it helped set me up to be successful from the moment I walked out the door. I learned so much more than just how to take a picture, though the photographic instruction was second-to-none as well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Professional Photo-Imaging program to anyone that wants to expedite their learning process, or take the next step in building a photography career."

"After graduating from the Professional Photo-Imaging program at Langara, Matt went on to establish himself as Phrozen Photo in the industry.  Consistently creating dynamic and colourful imagery in a variety of genres, his work has garnered features and awards in multiple publications including Canada's notable Applied Arts Magazine."


Fighting For Ithaca

Jessica Haydahl Class of 2008

"I highly recommend the Langara Professional Photo-Imaging program. Langara helped me to hone my skills and set me up with real-life industry contacts. The program offers the chance for a student to learn and work with the latest photography equipment (e.g., lighting, medium format cameras and more). There are a lot of people trying to be professional photographers in Vancouver, but it was the Photo-Imaging program that helped me to take a more business and practical approach to learning how to actually make a full-time living as a photographer."

"I have been very fortunate to witness some amazing things through the lens of my camera. No image can truly describe how amazing it is to be 50 feet from a humpback whale breaching or photographing out of a helicopter with no doors on. These moments are what I live for and what I aim to capture."


Jessica Haydahl - Images

Dan & Kat Stone Class of 2007

"The Langara Professional Photo Imaging Program is the most technically intensive, and challenging experience in photo education available. We graduated in 2007 and almost the day after graduation were thrown into the extremely fast passed commercial photography world. Our skills learned at Langara, specifically in the realm of lighting and digital capture with medium format systems, were in high demand. Since our first few years out of school, we have branched off into the wedding industry where every client wants their imagery to be unique and artistic. Although we are always envisioning new ideas and concepts, our core technical knowledge that we rely on, learned largely during our time at Langara, has never changed. We continue to support the Langara Professional Photo Imaging Program because we truly believe in it, it's instructors, and how it continues to shape and improve upon the photographic industry."

Since graduating, Dan and Kat own and operate StonePhoto, specializing in Creative Wedding Photography, They have been published in numerous magazines and won various awards for their work.


Dan & Kat Stone - wedding photo

Steve Currie Class of 1988

"The Langara Photography Program gave me the in depth background to start a career in Advertising Photography. I am proud to say that more than 20 years after graduating from Langara, I still use the skills and knowledge I learned during my 2 years enrolled in the Photography Technician Program. Technology has changed photography rapidly over the years, but with the knowledge gained from Langara, I've been able to stay ahead of the curve and have a very successful career, a career which has allowed my to travel the world and work on 2 Olympic games. Along with meeting lifelong friends at Langara."