Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The Nutrition and Food Service Management(NFSM) Program of Langara College provides information regarding employment opportunities, educational sessions, and other networking possibilities to those in the Food Service Management profession. If you’d like to subscribe to this newsletter, please submit your email address below.


The program provides graduates with the technical, interpersonal, and critical-thinking skills needed to readily gain employment in entry-level management and supervisory positions. Individuals with more extensive food service backgrounds often find opportunities as middle managers.


Graduates of the Nutrition and Food Service Management (NFSM) Program are qualified for a career in food service management. The program is accredited by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM) and graduates are also eligible for membership in the national and related provincial association. This membership is required in the BC Residential Care Act, to take on the position of Food Service Supervisor, Food Service Manager or Support Service Manager in Health Care Facilities.


Program Graduates Succeed

The Nutrition and Food Service Management Program prepares graduates for employment in health-care facilities, commercial catering services, educational facilities, school districts, private practice, education, and research.

Within these fields, the changing health-care scene offers new opportunities for graduates and job prospects remain positive.

Our graduates become supervisors and managers who:

  • purchase supplies and maintain large inventories.
  • manage food service operations: production and service areas.
  • train staff.
  • plan and implement regular and therapeutic menus - diet technician role

This program does not allow you to train as a dietitian.

The Nutrition and Food Service Management (NFSM) Program at Langara College has established a listserve to enable supervisors, managers, students, and others to network and stay in touch with what is happening in the industry. This is a service for graduates, associates, employers, students managers and supervisors in food service operations. Employment and education opportunities and other related information of interest is shared. The listserve is moderated so you will not be inundated with emails  - only those posted by the host will arrive in your inbox. If you have any information you would like to share with colleagues, please submit it to the listserve address. To subscribe to the listserve send your name and email address to