How do I apply for the Kinesiology Program at Langara?

Kinesiology is an ‘open-enrollment’ program, students apply to the College and upon acceptance, can then register for Kinesiology (and other) courses. The earlier you apply, the better your registration priority and opportunity to get seats in the classes you want! For more information regarding admission to Langara, please visit the Kinesiology admission requirements page.

The Kinesiology Department is part of the Arts & Science/University transfer program at Langara College. If you are already a registered student at Langara, you can enroll in KINS courses, provided seats are available and that you have obtained any relevant prerequisites. 

In what order should I take the Kinesiology courses to achieve my diploma?

Courses can be taken in any order, except for those courses requiring specific prerequisites. Courses such as KINS 1100 & KINS 1120 provide an introductory overview to the area of Kinesiology. This introduction to the basic concepts relating to Kinesiology will help students with courses such as KINS 1110 & KINS 1131. Alternatively, courses such as KINS 2215 involve more detailed math and biology concepts, students without this background may wish to take these courses in later semesters.

What career opportunities are available in the field of Kinesiology?

Many of our students plan to continue after receiving their diploma, to complete a University degree and/or continue on to a Masters degree in such fields as physiotherapy or occupational therapy. Other examples of career opportunities include teaching of physical education, coaching, fitness training/assessment, athletic training, and ergonomics. To learn more about where Kinesiology has taken Langara students, visit our Alumni Testimonials

What volunteer and job opportunities are available in Kinesiology at Langara?

Kinesiology students may be eligible to work as part of the Student Work Assist Program (SWAP) or the Work on Campus (WOC) program, which provide paid employment for students who demonstrate financial need. Visit the Student Work Programs page for more information. Students can work in the gymnasium equipment room or as peer tutors during the anatomy and physiology open lab times.

Students interested in volunteering can become a part of the Langara VOLT program, which allows students to seek out volunteer opportunities in their field of interest.

For more information about the SWAP/WOC programs for the Department of Kinesiology, please contact our Instructional Assistant or visit the Kinesiology Opportunities page.