Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum

History is not simply a listing of facts and dates; rather, it is an exploration of real lives lived in the past.  Without an understanding of where we have been, how can we know where we are and where we are headed? Through an examination of the past, students will learn to read with understanding so that they can critically evaluate conflicting evidence and understand the importance of context in shaping events and attitudes.

The Associate of Arts Degree in History is intended to prepare students to pursue third-and fourth-year courses at university as majors or minors in history. The degree will also be beneficial for those students who wish to pursue careers in journalism, government, social policy, or law. We offer a wide range of history courses at both the first- and second-year levels; all first-year and most second-year courses have no prerequisites.


Within the framework of the general requirements of the Associate of Arts Degree, students must complete a minimum of 60 credits including:

Courses Credits
Six of
HIST including at least two courses (six credits) of HIST numbered 2XXX
Two of
ENGL including at least one of ENGL 110011231127, or 1128