What is Data Analytics?
Finding needles in a haystack – it is probably what people in the field of data analytics are expected to do. It would be a simple task for them if they knew about the size, shape and colour of the needles they were looking for.
In the past, data have always been collected with a purpose in mind and decisions were made based on the organization needs and the data analysis results. Since the information explosion, everyone (government, business, and social media etc.) has been collecting data so as not to fall behind among competitors. Majority of them have no ideas what size, shape, or colour of the needles they are looking for. In some cases, they do not even know what is the thing that they are looking for.
Data Analytics is an area containing the relevant tools that allow you to divide and conquer massive data sets so as to find the needle for the right fabric.

Langara College offers two Data Analytics programs. Both programs allow students to gain experience handling data using industry-standard software applications and have ample opportunity fine-tuning their soft skills to effectively communicate their findings.
Graduates will have a strong understanding about data life cycles and will be equipped to meet the growing demand in data analytics processes. Analysts are expected to work with data to support the development of an organization and to help make technical, and strategic decisions.

Post-Degree Diploma in Data Analytics
This two-year full-time diploma program is designed for anyone who like working with data and interpreting results to support technical and strategic business decisions. The cohort-based program ends with a capstone project to apply their knowledge before starting a new career. Students will have the opportunity to develop strong project management and team building skills.
Data Analytics equips graduates with the skills and tools to divide and conquer massive data sets. Through group projects working with different data sets from different stakeholders, students will gain experience handling real-life data from fields such as telecommunications, finance, and health care industries.

Post-Degree Certificate in Data Analytics
This part-time certificate program is perfect for working professionals who would like to do more with numbers and expand their repertoire in data analysis. Courses are offered in evenings and/or weekends to provide maximum flexibility. 

: Students in the program will need to have a desktop or laptop computer that meets basic minimum requirements including 15” display, Intel Core i7 processor with minimum of16GB RAM, and 1TB hard drive. It is highly recommneded to have a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) with minimum of 4 GB of memory. (This is needed as you don't want to run the program for 20 hours and then it just dies on you!)