Access Langara is a program that supports students who are ready to make the transition into university studies. The program provides enhanced instruction in English language and composition for students beginning their post-secondary studies at Langara.

Students enrolled in Access Langara gain:

  • Enhanced English instruction
  • An introduction to area-specific vocabulary
  • Exposure to Langara's academic resources and facilities
  • Communication tools to succeed in college and university studies

Who should take Access Langara?

Students who want to improve their language skills while transitioning into university transfer credit courses.

Access Langara Pathway

Year 1, Term 1: English 1106 (6 credits) and 1 university-transfer course

Year 1, Term 2: English 1120 (3 credits) and 2 university-transfer courses

Year 2: Enrolment in university-transfer studies or a Langara career program

Years 3-4: Langara degree program or transfer to a university

For more information and registration assistance, please contact:

Stephanie Hummel
Access Langara Coordinator
Email: shummel@langara.ca
Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2510
Office: A303g