Crossing Boundaries, Bridging Worlds
European Field Studies in Italy

  • May 4 -- May 15, 2020 (Vancouver)
  • May 18 -- June 3, 2020 (Italy)

Earn six university-transferable course credits:

  • Geography 1195: Exploring Landscapes, Culture and Tourism  (3 UT credits)
  • Classical Studies 2276: Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology (3 UT credits)

Exploring Landscapes, Culture and Tourism

Art. Architecture. Ancient ruins and traces of empire. Amazing coastal landscapes. Not to mention delicious food, coffee, wine and gelato! Travellers to Italy have appreciated its unique qualities for centuries. Now you too can share this experience, and enjoy la dolce vita while immersing yourself in the physical, historical and cultural wonders of Italy.

Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology

There is only so much you can learn about art and architecture from slides and images in texts.  Touch Greek temples in Sicily and be surrounded by examples of Roman pottery in the Markets of Trajan.  Explore the houses of Pompeii and face the Tetrarchs in Venice.  In May 2020, learn about the great monuments of the ancient Greek and Roman world and then come to Italy to walk among them.

Not a Langara Student? You can still enrol in this exciting program. Please follow the link below if you are a student at another post-secondary institution or a new student. All applicants must also complete the Field Studies Program application form, also available on the How to Apply page. 

Note: many of our students received generous scholarships and bursaries last year; some who signed up for the Early Bird deadline submitted applications for both early and late deadlines, receiving more than one award!  Click on Travel Details link above for more information.