May 10, 2010

On April 30, Langara College recognized sixty employees for their contribution through excellence and long service commitment at the annual All-College Forum.

Fifty-seven employees were recognized for long service ranging from fifteen to thirty-five years. Long service recognition commences at fifteen years and in five-year increments thereafter. Three other employees received a Recognition and Achievement Award for their leadership, teaching, and service excellence.

To win a Recognition and Achievement Award, employees are first nominated by their colleagues for demonstrating excellence within one of the award categories. Finalists are then determined by a committee, chaired by the Director of Human Resources, Ken Jillings, and approved by Langara College President, Dr. David Ross.

“Recognizing employees for their contribution is important in any work environment,” said Ken Jillings, Director of Human Resources. “Working towards achieving excellence is rewarding and can be very motivating. We believe in fostering an environment that rewards employees for both their commitment and contribution to the College and its students.”

This year's Recognition and Achievement Award winners include:

2009/10 Service Excellence Award

Patricia McWilliams                                                                                          
Student Services Assistant, Disability Services

McWilliams was recognized for her commitment to the provision of outstanding service as a partner in the learning process. She paves the way for students with disabilities to access post-secondary education in a safe, caring, and supportive environment.

2009/10 Teaching Excellence Award

Karen Budra                                                                                                            
Instructor, English Department

Budra was commended for her passion for facilitating student success and her ongoing dedication to Langara College. Students and colleagues know Budra as an engaging mentor, a tireless resource, and an inspirational person.

2009/10 Leadership Excellence Award

Peter Norwood
Department Chair, Langara School of Management

Norwood was recognized for his vision and outstanding contribution in a leadership role. Since 1996, Norwood has taken on numerous leadership roles that contributed to the Langara School of Management’s tremendous growth and success. As a leader, Norwood fosters teamwork, thinks and acts strategically, and strives for quality when interacting with all of Langara College’s stakeholders.

For more information on the annual Recognition and Achievement Awards and the nomination process, visit Langara College’s Recognizing Excellence page.

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