Course supplies

Course supplies

Please note:  Our spring 2021 courses will be offered entirely online.  To help you to join us on this journey, any student who completes a class with us online will have the option to retake the course face-to-face in the future, free of charge. 
During this time, in addition to the supplies listed below students will need access to a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a camera and microphone (built in or external); an internet connection; and be able to run Zoom to attend classes.  Sewing classes will also require that students own or borrow a sewing machine.  Please reach out if you need help sourcing a machine.
Want to find out more?  Email to get all your questions answered, or to schedule an online information session.
Check out Our Social Fabrics for fabric: 

Sewing Notions include:

Fabric scissors, sewing pins, tailors chalk, measuring tape, seam ripper & Guttermann thread. These items are required for most classes that take place in a sewing lab.

Pattern Drafting All levels

Download the attachment for required supplies for:

  1. Pattern Drafting Foundations (formerly Introduction);
  2. Pattern Drafting Bodice
  3. Pattern Drafting Pants

Required Supplies

Please note additional supplies may be requested, however they will be noted in the first class.

Please come with a pen and paper. The teacher will be going over all required materials first class so there is no need to bring any supplies on the first evening.

Please come prepared to the first class with paper and pen, basic sewing kit (fabric scissors, pins, small ruler, etc.) and the material to begin your first project (skirt or pants).   Download this document with a supplies list for Sewing Level 1

You will be given additional directions on the first day regarding picking fabrics to have for the second class.

Please come prepared to the first class with paper and pen, basic sewing kit (fabric scissors, pins, small ruler, etc.) and a sewing pattern that must have: Collar, sleeves, button and cuffs  i.e.: dress shirt pattern. As well as appropriate material to complete the project.  

Full list and suggestions here

For maximum learning it would be preferable to select a pattern that includes elements that you would like to be more familiar with or could learn new techniques with. Lined jackets and coats tend to provide the most amount of learning.

Please bring to class the following materials:
- Pattern(s), fabric, interfacing, notions, lining etc. necessary for making the project of choice.
- Paper, rulers, pencils, scotch tape etc. needed to for any pattern alterations etc.
- Muslin fabric etc. needed for trial copies if desired
- Scissors for paper and fabric, tape measures, pins/needles and other equipment needed for sewing.
- Pfaff bobbins if you have them already
- Please select patterns that is within your ability. It is good to try something new and more challenging, However, still keep in mind your own abilities and possible limitations.

NOTE: In the sewing lab we have access to only the sewing machines and irons.  There are sergers in the labs, but they may not be functioning correctly. The irons used in class are from day school and are useable. You may however prefer to bring your own especially if you are working with quality fabrics. In the past many students brought their own irons and ironing boards. You will need to bring your own press clothes and other pressing equipment if you are used to having them available. Students are also welcome to bring their own sewing machines if they are more comfortable with them. The machines at J.O. are Pfaffs and easy to use.

Please come prepared to the first class with:

Minimum 50 sheets of white 11X14 copy paper.

A white steadler eraser

Mechanical pencils.