The Singer-Songwriter Certificate Program gives the aspiring singer/songwriter a complete set of necessary tools to function in today’s music business environment. It is designed to fit the needs of the novice as well as the advanced singer/songwriter who would like to hone their skills as well as gain new knowledge and practical experience in writing songs, performing live, recording demos, and learning up-to-date methods in marketing and promotion.  

The curriculum was developed with input from professional songwriter-performers, and is both comprehensive and unique in its approach and perspective. At this point in time there is no equal program in either the Greater Vancouver area or in North America as a whole. 

The Singer-Songwriter Certificate Program is intended to help students develop their own identities as performing songwriters and develop the skills necessary to compete in the music marketplace. Students will learn all aspects of songwriting, improve their theory and abilities to write for any genre and any situation, have the capabilities to record their songs in a home studio, improve their performance techniques in front of a live audience, and understand both the legal and practical aspects of the music business.

CS Singer-Songwriter Guitar and Microphone