Punjabi Performing Arts

The Punjabi Performing Arts Certificate Programs in Music and Dance provides in-depth study of the Punjabi Performing Arts. The program offers training by master teachers in the traditional forms of Punjabi music and Punjabi folk dance. The certificates are approved by the Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association and offered through the Royal Academy of Bhangra, in Surrey British Columbia, and in partnership the Punjabi University, Patiala, India. Both certificates (Dance and Music) offer in depth understanding and connection with the underlying histories, themes and technical aspects of the dance movements, and the specifics of Punjabi folk music composition and instrumentation allowing a full expression of Punjabi folk arts that will allow a greater level of interpretation and a deeper literacy that any performer must master in order to advance their own practice and be relevant in a contemporary market. Both certificates will be taught concurrently - music of the dances and dancers for the music.