Professional Sales - Online

The Online Professional Sales Short Certificate Program provides you with a proven system to increase your sales. The methodologies taught in this program were developed by international speakers and sales trainers Bill Gibson and Shane Gibson over the past 20 years. If you are looking at sales as a career option or already have extensive sales experience, this in-depth, practical and engaging program will introduce you to exciting new ways to achieve sales success and help you achieve your full potential as a salesperson. Salespeople, executives and business owners have benefited from the principles taught in this program. These methodologies have been successfully implemented and used by organizations such as Zurich Life, Ford Motor Company, ACL, African Bank, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and hundreds of other organizations in Canada, the USA, Southern Africa, Dubai, Malaysia, South America and India.

The program is delivered 100% online, making it easy for professionals from around the world to complete the program while working. For more course specific information please see the courses page.

Watch this video for a 2-minute overview of all four courses in the Online Professional Sales Short Certificate Program:

The Instructor's LinkedIn Profile - Shane Gibson : https://ca.linkedin.com/in/shanegibson

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