View Camera Workshop 

This weekend workshop will introduce students to photography using a large format view camera. These cameras are capable of taking exceptionally high-quality images,especially when shooting black and white negatives. They also allow photographers to use many historical processes such as collodion wet plate photography. The college will supply large format cameras, although students are welcome to use their own.

Date: July 15-16, 2017  Cost: $275  Instructor: Greg Blue   CRN: 60795

Introduction to Tintypes Workshop

This hands on workshop will begin by covering a brief history of the process, chemical use and safety. Students will learn how to pour, sensitize, expose and process a plate and to develop techniques that will give the best success for producing clean images. Each student will have the opportunity to produce several plates to practice and become familiar with this unique and beautiful process.

Date: August 12, 2017  Cost: $225       Instructor: Kathy Kinakin  CRN: 60815

Please call 604-323-5322 to register.