Introduction to Tintypes Workshop

This intensive hands on workshop will begin by covering a brief history of the process, chemical use and safety, and use of the tintype process by contemporary photographers. Students will learn how to pour, sensitize, expose and process a plate, and to develop techniques that will give the best success for producing clean images. At the end of the day, we will cover varnishing the plates to protect them for future  Each student will have the opportunity to produce several of their own plates to practice and become familiar with the process. Other camera options will be discussed, as well as what is required to start shooting with the wetplate process. All supplies are provided. Students are welcome to bring props and/or objects for a still life. 

Date: Aug 11,12, 2018 Cost: $436  Instructor: Kathy Kinakin

The Portrait and Location: A Balancing Act

This workshop is all about hands on location shooting with human subjects and how to solve a variety of problems that face the portrait photographer.  We will examine the role of composition and design, lighting applications (natural and artificial), colour and black and white options, subject placement and balance.  Applicable to digital or film photography, simple or complex camera systems. 

Date: May 5, 6, 2018 Cost: $225  Instructor: James LaBounty. Please call 604-323-5322 to register.