Image & Style Consulting


Langara College Image Consulting Program has been updated to provide greater industry relevance in an intensive, three week full-time format. Langara's goal in offering this program has always been to provides quality education for both personal development, and to start your career in the exciting image consulting industry.

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Should I Become an Image Consultant?

This rewarding career provides opportunities to work with businesses and/or individual clients to cultivate professional appearance, behaviour, and communication.Most consultants are self-employed and specialize in a certain area, such as clothing, social etiquette, or public speaking. Successful individuals typically have relevant, formal training and recognized certifications.

Consultants working in this industry must have the ability, and the desire to understand clients' needs – not just knowledge of fashion trends. It is important to note that it is a highly entrepreneurial job and the success of the individual is largely dependant on the amount of effort made to make an impact in this field, including a great deal of time marketing themselves and finding new clients.

In this program learn how to use fashion and style as part of your personal creative communication. Expand your knowledge through in-depth professional education courses designed to give you the skills needed to be successful in this industry.