Start a new career in holistic health, or add an element to your existing healthcare practice.

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Langara College’s Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner Certificate Program (HAPC) is the only hands-on course in the Vancouver area approved by the British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapists (BCAOA). This program is designed to provide both the fundamental basics and the advanced therapeutic techniques needed to practice aromatherapy in a safe and effective manner. 

Become a Registered Aromatherapist* with courses that offer real-life training, including required clinical hours in a professional healthcare setting in the centre of the city.  Taught and developed by an expert in the field who maintains her clinical practice, the curriculum is both current and relevant.

*Use of reserved title is granted through acceptance into the BCAOA.

Grounded in over 20 years of educating holistic health practitioners, Langara College offers you the opportunity to accelerate your career as an Aromatherapist.  Register today to follow your passion and to earn a recognized certificate.


Langara’s certificate programs are designed to provide students with the highest quality of education in their chosen field. To ensure that this education will be valued in the marketplace, programs are reviewed and assessed by Langara College’s Health and Human Services Advisory Committee, comprised of leading business and health-care professionals. All certificate programs must be vetted through Langara College’s Education Council before receiving approval as a certificate program.

Whatever your goals, whether you are seeking a new career, upgrading your skills, or are simply passionate about pursuing your dream, strengthen your credentials with the Langara name behind you.