Jul 6, 2020

Discover new hidden talents and abilities that you didn’t know you had. Find your newfound passions. Learn a new language or pick up a new hobby. Below are things that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t found an opportunity to do so. Now is your chance.

Anatomy & Physiology - Learn about the human body and its various systems. These Anatomy & Physiology courses are designed for individuals requiring a preview to further studies in this area.

Animal/Pet Care - Complete six courses to receive a certificate in professional dog walking. Animal control courses also offered and can be complete in two weekends.

Creative Writing - If you have a desire to write, we have a course and an instructor to help develop your story. From short stories, novels, and magazine pieces to comedy sketches and plays, we have part-time courses for both aspiring and accomplished writers.

Expressive Arts Therapy - Complete this part-time certificate in two years. This is an integrative arts-based psychotherapy training program with an emphasis on theatre, drama, movement, visual arts, and creative writing.

Holistic Health Studies - There are various programs available in health and mindfulness avenues, such as mindfulness, anatomy & physiology to name a few.

Integrative Energy Healing - Two programs offered that can be completed in four months and in 17 to 48 months. These programs will equip students with extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of professional environments.

Languages of the WorldChoose from a variety of courses in nine different languages, including: Cantonese, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Mandarin SchoolCourses are offered for both children and adults. Courses for children include 16 Saturdays, and courses for adults run 8–10 weeks.

Personal Investment PlanningExplore your investment options and learn to make more informed investment decisions with these courses. Courses can be taken individually or designed as a series.

Photography - Complete 19 courses in two years to receive your certificate. Learn special techniques and learn from the best in the industry.  

Real Estate Investing - Complete eight courses in this part-time program to receive your certificate. Learn the basic principles and techniques of real estate valuation, finance, law, and real estate entrepreneurship.  

Full list of Continuing Studies programs and courses offered at Langara College can be found here.

Registration for Fall 2020 starts on Wednesday, July 15, 2020. Registration in ongoing, check specific program and course pages for dates and information.

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