IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  SDT will now be ON CAMPUS/IN PERSON starting Fall 2023 semester. 

This test is for students wishing to enrol in STAT 1124 or PSYC 2321 or KINS 2206 who do not have a recent C grade in Math 11 (or equivalent). As well, students wishing to enrol in STAT 1123 may wish to take this test to assess their readiness for STAT 1123. Students wishing to enrol in STAT 1181 should not write this test, but must have a calculus prerequisite (or corequisite).

Students have 45 minutes to write the Statistics Test.

Students are permitted to use a scientific or business calculator.

Sample Questions from the Statistics Test

  1. Convert to percentage: 7/16
  2. What is 85% of 75?
  3. If a=3, b=6, and c=-2, calculate ( a - bc ) / ( a2 + b2 + c2 )
  4. What is the square root of 72?
  5. What is the square of 4.8?
  6. For the line  Y = -2X + 10, give the value of the slope and the intercept.
  7. What is the value of 10*4?  (note that the "*" could also be replaced by a dot)

There is also a short English assessment component to this test.

Additional practice problems are available here 

Preparing for the MDT

The answers to the sample questions are 43.75%, 63.75, 15/49, 8.485, 23.040, -2 & 10, and 40.