The two-year Recreation Leadership Diploma Program is the foundation required to be successful in both academic studies in Recreation Management and in a career in the field. The program is for students who excel at working with people and are looking to improve the quality of life in their communities through active, healthy, and engaged connections. Recreation professionals help people improve their quality of life. It is a profession that builds people and by this action builds communities.

The Recreation Leadership Diploma Program prepares students for employment in the field of Leisure and Recreation. Graduates of this program can continue their studies in the Bachelor of Recreation Management Degree Program as third-year students.

The Recreation Leadership Diploma Program features the following: 

  • Planning and running recreation programs and special events
  • Marketing and promoting recreation programs
  • Recreation facilities operations management
  • Organizing and staffing recreation programs and facilities
  • Public speaking skills
  • Facility design and operation
  • Professional presentation skills
  • Basic business skills
  • Leadership skills
  • How to partner with community groups, organizations and businesses

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