Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Library technicians might hold supervisory positions and usually work co-operatively with librarians and other professionals to manage information resources – from helping people retrieve information and materials, to record management for technology-based businesses. Except in very small libraries, where they might work independently. They are also expected to become involved with public programs and library tours, or provide technical support and trainings to patrons.

Graduates of the Library & Information Technology Program have a variety of job options, According to the official Langara College employment outcomes indicator in 2010, almost 82% of the graduates in the program are currently employed in a wide range of libraries and information services. They include universities, colleges, and schools, as well as public, institutional, business, government, and professional libraries. They may also work for companies supporting information-based software programs and resources.

Technicians receive, catalogue and issue a host of library materials such as books, films, pictures, maps, microforms, tapes, and electronic resources. They must know how to locate specialized materials and how to maintain library collections. Technicians can also expect to become involved with programs and library tours for children and adults, or provide technical support to the library or information centre clients.

For more details on: employment status; salary and hours worked; job functions and tasks, job facts and employment information, visit the survey results online provided by the Library Technicians & Assistants Interest Group of the British Columbia Library Association.

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