Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Health Sciences blends a variety of disciplines to provide students with the skills to tackle issues which impact people at the local, national and global level.

Upon completion of the program at Langara College, students are prepared for entry to third year to the Faculty of Health Sciences at SFU.

Students completing Health Sciences programs at Langara College will be in a position to continue their studies towards either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science at Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

Upon graduation from SFU, students can find careers in both the public and private sector. For those following the Arts stream, potential employment may be in health ethics, health policy or global health. For those following the Sciences stream, employment in environmental health, biostatistics or randomized control trials for pharmaceutical companies are possibilitites.

Health Sciences is a discipline which offers many careers possibilities to suit a wide range of interests and skills.