Craig Fenton Education Assistant, Gilpin Elementary

I consider myself very fortunate to have been accepted to this excellent program at Langara. Everything I learned at Langara was practical and I have incorporated many useful strategies in my work with those with diverse abilities. The Langara instructors were very supportive and teach in a professional manner that is appropriate to various learning methods. They have experience in special education and share their knowledge passionately. They inspire and empower the class to try new things and never give up.

I did my second practicum at Gilpin Elementary. I made many connections there and after graduating in 2018, I was asked to return as a casual employee. This lead me to be hired as a permanent full-time Education Assistant at Gilpin Elementary in September of 2018, working with the same student with whom I did my practicum. This placement was perfect for me because we had already formed a connection.

I have co-created a dance initiative at my school called Dance for Down Syndrome to coincide with Down Syndrome Awareness Week. The event was very successful, and had a 90% participation rate within the school. The dance has become a monthly, themed activity at lunchtime and I hope to see this continue for many years to come.

Monique Sello Eduction Assistant, West Vancouver high school

Langara Education Assistant (EA) Program is, in a word, PHENOMENAL!

My journey through the EA program at Langara college was such an amazing experience; the knowledge of all the teachers, the different topics that were covered, the projects, and the students that were on the journey with me -- each brought their own talents, stories, and ideas.

The encouragement and guidance that I received from the program was simply incredible; I was able to adapt assignments to fit my needs and interests; emails were answered quickly and staff were approachable and available for you to talk to when needed. The field trips that we took were eye-opening - they left an impact on me and helped me to understand what is out there in the field -- from the professionals, the services, and the clients.

Currently, I work as an Education Assistant in a West Vancouver high school. I enjoy the students and staff that I work with. My favorite part is trying to figure out the best way(s) to support my students and help them succeed; that moment where a student understands a concept and is happy with their own achievements is gold to me -- I love it!

The best advice I can give someone who is taking the Langara EA program and plans to work in the field is to treat each day as its own: a new day means a fresh start - don’t bring the past into the current moment. Meet the student where they are at in their learning and grow from there -- set your student up for success!

I can’t stress how amazing this program is -- to this day, I miss going to class, being with my classmates, and learning from the instructors. Langara has such an amazing faculty and environment for learning!

Samantha Watson Alumna, Education Assistant Program

Samantha Watson discovered at an early age that she had a gift for working with others who needed a helping hand. As a Special Education Assistant in the British Columbia school system, Sam helps special-needs students transition from high school into a training program or into the workplace.

Samantha Watson

Contracting meningitis as a premature baby, Sam’s hearing loss and joint issues gave her insight and a compassionate edge that she used to tap into the needs of those who couldn’t always speak for themselves.

“In school, the teachers loved me because I would spend time with the students who couldn’t or wouldn’t communicate normally. I learned sign language from the Special Education Assistants that were assigned to my classmates, and would use it to help explain their lessons to them. I always knew how to put a smile on their faces by finding out what was important to them and connecting with them on their level. My teachers would often place me beside these classmates because they knew I’d help them to communicate.”

When she learned about the Education Assistant program at Langara, she thought it was a perfect fit. After graduation, she began working right away in the New Westminster School District and as an Instructional Facilitator at Douglas College, before accepting a position with the Maple Ridge School District. As a behavioural interventionist, Sam uses her education to help guide her kids to exhibit more socially accepted behaviours, and in some cases, to learn how to advocate for themselves.

Sharon Hovbrender Education Assistant, McNair Secondary School, Richmond

Education Assistant

The Education Assistant Program is well-paced and delivered by quality, caring instructors who have years of experience. The course materials are interesting, up-to-date and easy to understand. I love my job and am proud to be a graduate of Langara College. 

Teresa Toombs School & Student Support Assistant, Vancouver School Board

Education Assistant

I have a career and a prosperous and rewarding future to look forward to. Attending Langara College was a life-changing experience for me and the best thing I’ve ever done.