Apr 9, 2018

Vancouver, BC – We are pleased to announce that Langara is moving its online application system to the Education Planner BC website (https://apply.educationplannerbc.ca/langara), and hope this will facilitate a smoother application process for students.

We will continue to accept online applications through the Langara website until 9:00 pm on Sunday, April 8. As of 1:00 pm on Monday, April 9, the new system will open and students will be able to submit their applications via the Education Planner BC website (https://apply.educationplannerbc.ca/langara).

Please note that we will not be accepting online applications from 9:00 pm Sunday, April 8 to 1:00 pm Monday, April 9.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact advisor@langara.ca.

Registrar & Enrolment Services


For media inquiries contact: 

Wendy Weston
Communications Officer
Langara College