Aug 21, 2014

As part of a commitment to keeping the campus safe for students, staff, and visitors, Langara College will be conducting an Emergency Lockdown Drill at the 100 West 49th Avenue main campus on Thursday, August 21, 2014

The lockdown drill is required to test the College’s emergency response plan and lockdown procedures. These drills help identify areas where plan and procedures can be improved. “This drill will involve the entire campus, including staff, students, faculty, contractors, and visitors,” said David Aucoin, Langara’s Security and Safety Manager. “These exercises are needed in order to test all of our internal communications tools to help us maintain the highest level of safety and security for our campus community."

All faculty, staff, and students have been provided advanced notice and information regarding the drill procedures. Detailed information on what to do during a lockdown is outlined on the Emergency Lockdown page on our website. The full College Emergency Procedures guide can be found online and in every classroom and office on campus.

Media Contact:

David Aucoin
Manager, Security, Safety, and Energy Management
Langara College