Jul 25, 2014

Vancouver, BC – Bring us your bright or sinister, witty or shifty, thrilling or stilling. Langara College’s English Department is now accepting submissions for its third annual Postcard Story Contest.

Any students currently enrolled at Langara are eligible to enter. The challenge is to write a concise yet evocative 250-word postcard story. It may be fiction or non-fiction, and must be accompanied by an illustration or photo that complements the story.

“Most writing is inspired by visions, whether they be glimpses from a coffee shop window or something conjured on a sleepless night,” says Caroline Harvey, Langara English instructor and coordinator of the annual competition. “This contest taps into that creative process. Nowadays, with all these camera phones, I know people are taking an astounding number of photos that reflect an astounding number of untold stories. With this contest, perhaps students will be inspired to tell one of those stories.”

A $100 prize is awarded to the first place entry; the second place winner receives $50. Both winners are featured in various Langara-produced publications. In this way, the contest brings together collaborations with other Langara programs such as Journalism and Creative Writing.

A panel of four judges from Langara’s English Department determines the winning entries. If there are ties, the department brings in a tie-breaking judge.

According to Harvey, submissions over the years have been as diverse as the students who participate. Story subjects and images have ranged from road trips to alien customers to boxed surprises. In particular, Harvey remembers one clever entry that had a line of shoes set against a wall and the story was about parking. Ultimately, Harvey hopes the contest reveals something to the student:

“Whenever a student commits to telling a story, to crafting and creating, to hours of meditating over the right word and the right phrasing, it’s always a journey that helps the student discover something about life – and about how to communicate one’s vision about life.”

The deadline to submit stories and images is December 20, 2014. Winners are announced on January 20, 2015. For more details, including full contest rules and information about previous winners, visit www.langara.bc.ca/postcard-contest.

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